Monday, June 9, 2014

Andrea Mitchell calls State Department spokesperson out on false statements


  1. I think Barry gets one more strike and that's it.

  2. Compare any of these O-bots to the 6 soldiers interviewed by Megyn Kelly, and the difference in maturity, intelligence, and integrity will be dramatic.

    I hope the next, Republican, administration recruits guys like that instead of lame-ass college grads who've never held a job outside of DC.

  3. Good Gawd...Chip S is right...that young woman really is an 'O-Bot" in the most technical sense of the term. A fully brain scrubbed and re-formated mental capacity. I wonder is she gets stuck in any mobius loops of diction where she can't stop and needs to be re-booted by an operator remotely? Or does a mounted mirror image of the original program need to be loaded from an external HDD? Does she have batteries that need re-charging from time to time. Does she sleep lying down or standing up in a closet? Where is here USB 3.0 port....Gaaaaa? Ewe....

    Enquring minds need to know this stuff.

  4. I'd be willing to be tasked w/ reprogramming her.

    It's amazing how easy it is to ignore what a woman says until you've had her. After that, it can be unbearable.

    1. I am going to guess the half life with her would be about 45 minutes, although you could extend that out a few more hours with wine and a few sleeping pills.


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