Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Senator Bob Menendez (Democrat) is alleged to be linked to underaged prostitutes provided to him by a foreign donor...

Senator Bob Menendez (Democrat): He (allegedly) likes his prostitutes young...
Back in early November, Senator Bob Menendez was reported to have been partaking in prostitutes provided by a rich foreign donor.  That used to be a career killer for a Senator, but apparently it is now okay if you are a Democrat.

But as reported by the Daily Caller and TOM, now the FBI is investigating.  It is alleged the prostitutes in question were underaged.  A long time South Florida ally of Menendez suspected of  having provided underaged prostitues to him.

Menendez also hired a registered undocumented but registered sex offender to work as a member of his staff.  Facilitated sex parties by donors?  It is amazing how much slack a Democrat gets from the media in a sex scandal, and how opposite that is if the accused is a Republican.

Sister Toldjah:  Let's pretend for five seconds that Bob Menendez was a Republican...
AoSHQ:  Media embargo on Menendez sex romps, but he is honored for "empowering" young women (you really can't make this stuff up).
Moe Lane/Red State
Hypocrisy watch:  Bob Menendez called for firing Secret Service agents who solicited prostitutes.
Is Bob Menendez doomed?  

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