Sunday, January 13, 2013

NFC Divisional Playoffs: Seahawks vs. Falcons

Falcons up 3 in the 1st Qtr, but Seahawks prevent the TD.  Falcons get a TD, now 10-0 with 3:10 left in the 1st Qtr.  Falcons get a field goal at 9:10 in the 2nd.  Seahawks now driving with completed passes deep in Falcon territory.  But Falcons stop them.  No score and ball goes to Falcons.  Falcons score, 20 to 0.  Seahawks are finished unless something amazing starts happening.  Seattle fails to score, runs out of time.  Half Time.  
Seattle has 14 now, but with 11:03 in the 4th can they get the ball with enough time to change the dynamics of this game?  Turnovers help.  Seattle scores.  27 Falcons and 21 Seahawks, with about 9 minutes left.

OMG!  Seahawks tie it.  about 30 seconds.  Extra point wins game.  Ruling stands.  Extra point good.  1 point lead with 31 seconds left.  If this holds, Atlanta can go back to not caring about the Falcons.

Falcons still have TO and can set this up for FG.  Gonzales just set them up for FG.  Falcons get FG.  30, 28.  8 seconds left.  Wow.  It's over.  Falcons win.  Great game.

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