Sunday, January 27, 2013

Glenn Beck wants to build free market "Bartertown"

This comment made me laugh out loud:

Adjoran  15 hours ago

While I have sometimes smiled at Glenn Beck's sudden discoveries of ideas and principles I knew forty years or more ago, much in the way a child's wonder pleases me, the idea that he could so much as bring the "Vision thing" to a project to build a "self-sustaining city and theme park hybrid" - whatever that even means - is laughable.
He talks about "freedom" and "American dreams" but no colleges or GAP stores allowed, and the "free" citizens will be funding "learning" centers for public officials from around the country.
Mr. Beck, you keep using that word "freedom." I do not think it means what you think it means.
One area not addressed in the article linked is the financing. I'm guessing he is at least $1.999 billion short of his goal so far, and doubt the pledges he does have are firm.

I would suggest Mr. Beck read Island at the Center of the World. It chronicles the rise of the New Holland colony in America and how the free market attitudes of New Amsterdam had a profound influence on the economic philosophy of the other American colonies.  The Puritans in New England had planned communities.  They failed.  While the British may have eventually taken over the Dutch colony, its culture survived (although Nanny Bloomberg is doing about all he can to drown it like a dolphin trapped in the Gowanus canal).  

h/t to Smitty and Wombat Socho


  1. Beck is a populist, not a conservative. He's entertaining for sure, but like you I wouldn't live in a town run by him.


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