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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Remember Piers Morgan is laughing all the way to the bank by making money off the blood of children.

It is insane and BSC.  Piers Morgan's ratings are terrible:
Less than a year and a half after the debut of Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN’s prime-time line-up just delivered its lowest rated month in two years. Morgan is earning roughly a third of the viewership that his predecessor Larry King was bringing in toward the end of his run, andHannity, which airs at the same time on the FOX News Channel, routinely more than quadruples Morgan’s ratings. Even FOX News’ 3am show, Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, consistently attracts a larger audience than Morgan.
And while his attacks on the Second Amendment are nuts and absolutely wrong, we do not deport people for exercising free speech (even annoying Limey idiots like Morgan).  And CNN is paying him millions.  And he is crying like a little girl that he may go back to the UK if the USA does not change its gun laws?

Unfortunately for us, as much as I love and respect Mark SteynThe Blogmocracy, and American Power, Piers Morgan is never going to voluntarily leave, at least not while we are giving him attention. He is a shameless whore and liar, an opportunist taking advantage of a tragic crime.

The only way to get rid of Piers Morgan is to ignore him (like most did prior to the Connecticut shootings).

Piers Morgan:  Making money on the blood of children...
The story gun control advocates do not want to talk about...

Smitty at The Other McCain
King Shamus says it well:
The truth is, Piers Morgan loves American money more than he hates American guns. His pristine moralism ends when he cashes his check. He won't be going anywhere until he's swindled all the money he can wring out of the credulous left-wing marks who hire him to get sub-MSNBC ratings.


  1. When the average man realizes that Piers Morgan is but a bridge back to J. Pierpont Morgan they will reject him.

  2. While we don't deport people for expressing their freedom of speach. We can and DO deport people for undermining the Constitution. If Piers is going to do so, we need to boot his ass out...but CNN will do that eventually since he's not making the ratings. You can expect that when his contract is up, they won't renew...so we get a defacto deportation, without the ugliness of actually havinng to do so.


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