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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Transgendered person, still with his man parts, allowed to expose himself in the sauna to women and minor girls...

Old School:  Some men were allowed in the women's bath, but they had to give some things up...
A transgendered person intentionally exposing his male parts in the ladies sauna.
Hey Girlie:  Look what I have!
"Colleen Francis" the transgendered dude still with his man parts
This sauna and locker room are at a public funded state college.  The facilities are used by the public, including by minors.  Call me crazy, put I think you have to actually get your junk removed before you can go into the ladies locker room...

Middle-aged college tranny playing hoops!
TOM: Rocky Horror State University
College Insurrection
TOM: Transgenders encounter Queer Hate


  1. I'd be ready to sue the heck out of someone if that happened to my little girl. I think we are starting to swing around way to far in allowing "indiscretions" for the LGBT community.

    1. I am surprised someone has not kicked his, uh, her, uh its butt! But it is the Evergreen State College that is really to blame for this one. The test should be a simple one, if you have man parts, you are not a woman.

  2. tesc is locally known as "Gay State". According to surveys, some 40-60% of the student body self-identifies as gay.

  3. Life has turned into a Monty Python skit.


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