Friday, November 23, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood manages to strengthen its grip on Egypt. The U.S. agrees to increase troop presence in Sinai?

President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood grant themselves sweeping dictatorial powers in Egypt
Did this ceasefire really help the Unites States or Israel?  I have to agree with Debka on this:  I do not see how Israel benefitted.

Egyptian Christians and liberals are protesting but it seems like they lost any chance to control their destinies going forward with this power move by the Muslim Brotherhood.  And while the United States could influence things in Egypt (since that country is so dependent on U.S. aid), the Obama regime seems intent on strengthening Morsi's position.

Debka is also reporting that President Barack Obama just agreed to increase U.S. troop presence in Sinai as part of this deal (I do not recall U.S. media reporting on that part of the settlement)?

Betting too heavily on Morsi.

Meet your new Pharaoh, same as the old Pharaoh!

Actually not the old kleptocracy Pharaoh, now an Islamic Sharia kleptocracy Pharaoh!  

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