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Friday, November 16, 2012

RIP Twinkies

Hostess announces it is going out of business.  Nice job bakers' union.

Great comment over at Right Scoop: "Now if unions could just do the same thing for public schools.... that'd be great!"

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Althouse:  Extwinktion and the Wreck of the Twinksperus
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The Other McCain:  Voters legalize marijuana, just in time for unions to put munchie maker out of business...

Hot Air gives us another Twinkie clip:

Legal Insurrection:  Unions admit unions killed Twinkies...
Gateway Pundit:  Union thugs leave kids without bread...
Why soaking the rich does not work:  Twinkies example
EBL Rule 5:  Girls Eating Twinkies!
Red State:  Union boss knew strike would kill Hostess (really?)
Fairness:  Monkeys show why we are doomed so do Bar Stool Economics
Victory Girls:  Twinkie enddays and links.

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