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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Karl Rove Explains What The 2012 Election Teaches The GOP...

The Architect
This is what Karl Rove just said the WSJ.  Here is the real lesson:  Don't Listen to Karl Rove.

I don't normally tout the NYT, but ouch.

Okay, that is an over statement.  Karl Rove was not the only one who blew the Election 2012 prediction.  Hell, I wanted to believe too (and convinced myself it was true).  But Karl Rove was flat out wrong.

We need to remember Karl Rove is often wrong.  Rove was especially wrong in talking W into that Medicare prescription drug expansion back in the day.  Rove is wrong, the prescription drug plan was not a good idea--it was an unfunded increase of entitlement obligations intended to buy votes in Florida.  Guess what, it is not helping us either politically or as a matter of policy.  That is an issue every conservative needs to remember.

That said, at least Rove is admitting he was wrong this time and is saying it is time to look at objective evidence to figure out what went wrong.  Karl points out that he did not take a salary or even expenses from Crossroads.  While commendable, Crossroads did not perform as planned.  I do not trust Karl (alone) to do it, we do need to look objectively at what went wrong.  Update:  How to prevent another ORCA

Take it with a grain of salt.  Or a fifty pound bag.

Federalism is not the same as federalize!
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