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Friday, September 14, 2012

Tweet of the Day (and bonus comic of the day): What President Obama tweeted when the bodies of slain U.S. diplomatic personnel were being unloaded in the United States...

This is not a joke.  This tweet really originated from the Barack Obama/White House at the same time Ambassador Stevens and the other slain U.S. personnel were being unloaded in the United States:
Below is the tweet President Obama sent when this was going on...
h/t:  Instapundit and Breitbart 

This comic sums up the media coverage of the election and the Obama administration...

Bonus cartoon from Legal Insurrection!

Update:  The Obama Administration is against anti Islamic films, unless you give generously to the Obama reelection effort!  


  1. This guy can't see past his mirror.

  2. Are these tweets real? If so that is truly disturbing.

    1. They are from Breitbart and Instapundit. Sadly, yes I believe that tweet is actually from President Obama.

  3. Barack undoubtedly has someone tweeting for him. I guess he or she didn't get the memo about the memorial.


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