Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why Paul Ryan makes sense as a vice president choice...Mitt could lose with T-Paw

Ryan can totally hold his own against the left.  He is from Wisconsin.  And he is not Tim Pawlenty or Rob Portman (and when you have RSM pull off the highway for anything other than a personal pit stop in order to do an emergency blog post, you know it is serious).  Governor Jindal recommends Paul Ryan.  Breitbart has a post on it too.
A dramatization of Robert Stacy McCain's reaction to a possible T-Paw pick...
Glenn Beck is even blunter:  Romney will lose if Pawlenty is the vice president pick.

Update:  I am also not buying Marco Rubio is not acceptable.  He is.  Way beyond Tim Pawlenty and Rob Portman.  Birthers are wrong, there are not that many of them, and frankly the election will not turn on them anyway.  

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