Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why don't people like Mitt Romney?

Dan Riehl asks:  Why don't people like Mitt Romney?  
Given the status of the economy and the failed policies of Barack Obama, this election should not be close (of course historically Jimmy Carter was beating Ronald Reagan in the polls right up to the end, so we should not be panicking yet).  Yet if the election happened today, Mitt Romney would probably lose.  Right now (while it is close) Romney does not have Ohio, Florida, or Virginia (and without those states it will be close to impossible for him to win).

Mitt Romney is playing things way too safe.  If the strategy is to start his sprint in September and October...okay (I have my doubts about waiting).  Given how unfair the media are with Romney (London comes to mind, but going back to the dog/roof thing too), I understand the caution...but Mitt Romney needs to show some faith and frankly some balls and be the happy warrior taking on Obama and the lame stream media.  We saw a glimpse of it, so we know Romney is capable of it.  We need to see more of taking the offense and less caution.

As goes Missouri, so goes the nation?  From your post to God's ears!
Stella Baskomb in TOM comments sums up what has to happen:

"Romney's going to have to smear Obama bad and fight a dirty fight if he's going to win Ohio."
In other words, Romney will  have to actually QUOTE Obama and CITE HIS RECORD.
Yes, a despicable tactic fer shur.
Obama:  If the election were today I would win... 


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