Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gore Vidal dead at 86

I was not a fan of Gore Vidal (especially his politics).  But RIP.

Update:  Breitbart has this obit

Update II:  Huffington Post has some Vidal quotes:
I seriously doubt Vidal was the first to say "No good deed goes unpunished."  But this quote is interesting:
"There is no such thing as a homosexual or a heterosexual person. There are only homo- or heterosexual acts. Most people are a mixture of impulses if not practices."
– Gore Vidal
Update III:  Bob Belvedere


  1. Notice how Vidal provokes Buckley first and smirks at WFB's reaction. Just like Alinsky used to do.

    You're a better person than I, EBL. I hope the fucker rots in hell.

    It's a damn shame Trooper York stopped doing his Hell has a New PA Announcer.

    1. I am just a cow. But we are all sinners. Gore Vidal was an especially nasty bit of work.

  2. Replies
    1. I did not object to Gore Vidal's sexual orientation. I disagreed with his theme, but found Lincoln to be a good book. But over time I realized what a bitter nasty person he was. And I reject that.


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