Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eric Holder, first Attorney General held in Contempt of Congress

255 voted to hold him in contempt (17 were Democrats).  Only 67 voted no.  One member voted present.  110 members did not vote.

I am surprised by the number of yes votes vs. no votes.  I cannot see Holder staying in office during this.  I could see him "volunteering" to step down to avoid distractions by partisan Republicans.  Of course he will likely get some sort of pardon if things look like they are getting bad for him and he is keeping his mouth shut (aka protecting Obama).

Eric Holder went to Disney World today?  What?  This is not exactly winning the Super Bowl.
Update:  Instapundit also notices...

VDH says Holder will likely walk and nothing will come of this...
House Republicans vow to take Holder to court...
Department of Justice says it will not prosecute Eric Holder (conflict of interest?)
Smoking gun pointing at Holder...(do you think Obama is going to let it point at him?)


  1. "I cannot see Holder staying in office during this."

    Obama will hold him up as an example of a good-hearted public sector worker just trying to do his job in spite of the anti-union, anti-voter GOP. If Holder goes, it'll be after the election. Anything else would make The Obamas look and feel weak.

    The GOP did the right thing, but the left knows two lies for every truth.

    1. But if it starts to hurt his reelection chances, out Holder goes.


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