Thursday, January 19, 2012

Late breaking news in a political race: It is good to ask yourself who benefits from it...

The Architect
After it was initially reported Rick Santorum won Iowa, it was reported that Mitt Romney won.
Turns out Mitt Romney did not win Iowa, Rick Santorum actually won that state.
Oh well.  History is written by the victors...or something like that.

Now we have late breaking news about Newt Gingrich having marriage problems a few days in advance of the South Carolina primary.  Hmmm.  Rick Santorum has also been complaining of dirty politics.
Some past dirty tricks in South Carolina.

h/t:  Protein Wisdom on the Iowa re-counting

Update:   Right Now, does Obama Win?
               Marianne Gingrich claims Newt wanted an open marriage? (seems like old news, reheated)
               100 Tea Party Leaders support Newt? (Newt has his own problems in the past with that)
               Perry drops out, supports Newt.
               Newt refuses to attack his ex-wife.
          More reasons Republicans need to make peace with Paul?
          Does this leak have an Axelrod stink to it?
Update II:  Rush declares on his show today he is sure ABC is carrying water for Obama against all GOP candidates and Drudge screwed up their plan...developing. 
Update III:  South Carolina goes to Newt Gingrich.  Karl Rove predictions do not pan out.  

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