Monday, January 23, 2012

Florida Fun: Mitt comes out on the attack for Newt

The Mitts come off
Rasmussen Today:  Gingrich 41, Romney 32 (Mitt was last poll by Rasmussen 22 points ahead!)

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The 10 Things Mitt Romney should do to turn things around... "3. Attack, attack and attack Gingrich by name with facts about his record. But do it in a way that avoids snideness and does not seem like the politics of personal destruction. Make Gingrich seem a risky and dangerous choice to go up against President Obama - this last week he has been winning the argument that he is more electable. Never lose sight of the main opponent - Obama - but never give a sense of believing the nomination in the bag (shouldn't be too hard: it isn't)."
                 Mitt Romney's Pawlenty Moment...

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