Saturday, January 21, 2012

Can Newt be the nominee and then prevail against Barack Obama?

Iowa to Santorum, New Hampshire to Romney, South Carolina to...?
The headline in this link seems over the top.  But there are concerns that Newt Gingrich has too much negative history to prevail (either in the nomination or at the general election level).

Marianne Gingrich has some issues with Newt.  It is entirely possibly Newt's past could cost him the nomination or the general election.  But I did not find Marianne Gingrich all that credible.  Oh, I believe Newt cheated on her and asked for a divorce.  But given she started the interview by saying Newt called her and asked for a divorce (and she asked him if there is someone else).  So if he called her for a divorce, why would he then suggest an "open marriage."  It seems unlikely.  It is definitely an issue for Newt, but it is also old news.  In a way ABC and CNN by being so blatant in how they handled this (and in showing their bias) might have actually helped Newt later on.

I also have my problems with Newt Gingrich's past, such as him endorsing Dede Scozzafava over conservative Doug Hoffman, or Newt cuddling on a couch with Nancy Pelosi, or Newt trashing Paul Ryan's budget plan.  We could go on.   Some conservatives have serious problems with a Newt Gingrich nomination.   Others can over come those issues and endorse him.  But we will have word shortly whether Newt's personal problems are deal breakers with Republicans (well at least South Carolina Republicans).
UPDATE:   Newt wins big in South Carolina.  ABC and CNN are the biggest losers!  
UPDATE II:  Can Newt grow up and Win?
UPDATE III :  Instapundit on why Marianne Gingrich's attack did not work.  
MORE STILL: A female reader writes that Gingrich may not have been so hurt by ex-wife Marianne’s TV interview:Hate to say this and don’t use my name, but I watched the interview and thought“You bitch, he cheated on his first wife with you. What the heck did you expect?”


  1. Evil Blogger Lady;
    Came over from Mediaite,like the blog handle,know Mittens can't win, hope Newt does.
    Looking forward to him debating Obama, Newt a firebrand a little like Reagan, and I know he's not the Gipper. Just didn't like the way the National GOP was forcing Romney down out throats, what say you?

    1. I agree about the GOP establishment. I have a problem with Newt's womanizing: When Newt endorsed Dede Scozzafava and for Newt sitting on that couch with Pelosi, but i could forgive him if he admits he was wrong and promises never to do it again.


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