Friday, December 23, 2011

A Butter message to the USA!

Don't blame me or Wisconsin.  We have Norwegians and butter.  And I have been giving you milk without complaint.  I am one of the hardest working cows out there.

And you know this guy?  Just wondering if you ever ran across him.

H/T to Darleen


  1. That's enough to make a kind Wisconsin cow cry. EBL, let's hop a cargo plane and give our milky treasures to these poor Norwegians, our mission of mercy, for the Holiday Season.

  2. Apparently this butter shortage is being created by stupid Norwegian government policies (like Norwegians don't do irrational things--ask anyone who ever married a Wegian). They are arresting Swedes trying to make a krona by sneaking butter into Norway.

  3. It seems like shortages are almost always caused by governments, yet somehow they almost always escape the blame.

    That clown, for instance, is blaming the United States! All we are doing is making sport of their situation. It would take a heart of stone to not laugh at that video.

  4. tell me about it. Some people don't get a joke. They think you are acting in bad faith or something.


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