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Friday, September 13, 2019

Felicity Huffman: 14 Days A Prisoner

Aunt Becky Next? 

I am sure Felicity Huffman was hoping for no jail time, but that was unlikely given the publicity of this case. 14 days is still very light, but appropriate given she settled early on (and it is her first offence).  Still, there are poor women in jail for the crime of trying to get their kids into better grammar schools (and Democrats shame on you for denying poor people school vouchers and choice for the benefit of teachers unions).  I recognize these are different cases, but those outcomes are unconscionable. Felicity Huffman got off easy.  I give Huffman credit for not wining about it. 

I do not know how strong the evidence is against Lori Loughlin, but if there is a high likihood of conviction, she should take a plea. She missed her opportunity to plea early, but chances are her court would be somewhat lienant if she conceeded guilt now.  If she goes to trial and loses, however, she could do some time. She is not really facing "40 years" as some have breathlessly claimed, but it could be a lot longer than 14 days.  

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  1. That's 14 days too many according to Joe Biden.


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