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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

JOE BIDEN'S ADMINISTRATION: So they are making menthol cigarettes illegal, but publically funding and giving away meth and crack pipes? 🚬🤯💉


FDA and Dems are banning menthol cigarettes. I totally get that cigarettes are bad for you. If you smoke tobacco, you should quit. If you have not started, don't start. Apparently women, bisexuals, gays, and black community cannot be trusted to decide on using menthol tobacco products. I guess straight white guys who smoke get a pass, because Democrats want them to die (then they can switch their votes post mortum to Democrat).  

While I never bought that smoking weed was "safe" (there is a reason people start coughing when they take a bong hit), you can at least make the case that it is a risk that adult people should weigh on their own (which I would argue should go for tobacco use too).  

Can't we all agree that smoking meth and crack and injecting recreational drugs intravenously is just flat out bad for you and society? Apparently not. The Biden Administration is subsidizing it!  

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