Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hey, if you pitch this right, it could be a retred of Three's Company (with a twist)

This story about Brynn, Doll and Kitten is so weird, I’m tempted to dismiss it as a publicity stunt or, perhaps, a desperate bid for a reality TV series contract, but who can doubt how far this fanatical devotion to Equality and Progress has gone?
You know that producers are trying to sign these three up now for a reality show.

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TOM: New Jersey Professor engaged in sexual relationship with 33 year old man "with the mental capacity of an eighteen month old child." Hmmm, I am thinking this is not as promising as as TV show as the three lesbians above, but as Mencken used to say, never over estimate the taste of the public.
PJ Media: The heart wants what the heart wants…

Rule 5 Lesbian Big Love:

Put a ring on it…

Despicable Reid: the pathological lies and corruption of Senator Harry Reid

Has the New York Times been caught playing with its poll numbers in U.S. Senate midterm races?

Endangered Species: Democrat Senators
I thought this was sort of stinky when I first saw it this morning...

I checked Rasmussen and it had a poll from February showing Tom Cotton five points ahead of Mark Pryor.  So the idea that Pryor is now ten points ahead of Tom Cotton now really does not make a lot of sense.

Jim Geraghty is questioning this.  One of Jim's readers notes that there is shenanigans afoot in the NYT's poll cross tabs:
From the poll's crosstabs:  
Of Arkansas poll respondents, 27% claimed they voted for Romney in 2012, 26% for Obama, 8% for someone else(!), and then some don't knows, didn't votes, etc. Actual Arkansas result in 2012: Romney 60.6%, Obama 36.9%. This looks like a very unrealistically Dem-heavy sample. That does seem to be the "All Persons" breakdown (they didn't provide separate stats for Registered voters) but still there's no way that equates to a representative sample. 
The other states in this NYT poll are similarly very skewed toward underrepresenting Romney voters. The Kentucky sample reports that 31% voted for Romney, 28% for Obama. Romney won Kentucky 60.5% to 37.8%. Louisiana poll breakdown is even more skewed, 31% Obama, only 28% Obama. But Obama lost Louisiana 40.6% to 57.8%. North Carolina rounds out the superfecta: poll 38% Obama voters and only 31% Romney ones, though Romney won NC 50.4% to 48.4%. 
I could conduct a poll showing that McCain would beat Obama by ten points in 2008, if I started by suppressing the weight of 2004 Kerry voters by 30% and inflating the weight of 2004 Bush voters by a similar amount.

And Arkansansans do the right thing: Vote for Tom Cotton

Americans for Prosperity launch ObamaCare attack ads on four vulnerable Democrat Senators

Women eating salmon Rule 5

Both Chip Ahoy and I noted the return of millions of salmon to Pacific Northwest rivers due to the work of one man who promoted adding iron sulfate to the ocean.  So in the Rule 5 spirit, here are some images of beautiful women eating salmon.  

Eat Me

Here are some women cleaning salmon…

Why Elizabeth Warren won't run: Hillary's cabal won't let her off the reservation

Clintonistas: Know your place Half Breed...
American Power: CBS News gushes over Elizabeth Warren, want her to run (she won't if Hillary says not to run).  And CBS News is "ideologically entrenched"
And I am not making fun of Native Americans, I am making fun of a poser liar known as Elizabeth Warren
AoSHQ: Elizabeth Warren is stuck with her lies…

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrate Earth Day: Fat woman in Prius torments a family in a pickup truck… Update: What a coincidence, Earth Day the same as Vladimir Lenin's birthday!

In defense of Game of Thrones…