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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Gilded Age

I watched it. As described, Downton Abbey in New York. Been there and done that. It is well acted and reasonably written (at least based on one episode) but it seems a bit...cold. Part of it is Downton, while mostly filmed on sound stages, still had Highclere Castle. New York City has been torn down, rebuilt, at least a dozen times since the 1880. The show has to rely on CGI (and it shows). Part of it is Downton after six seasons and a movie sort of exhausted the upstairs downstairs story line. And it has been done in Gangs of New York, Age of Innocence, or Titanic.  

I wondered why Louisa Jacobson got the part. She is not terrible, but not the sort of casting you'd expect for the lead role. Turns out she is Meryl Streep's daughter- nepotism alive and well.  

Watching privileged old Mayflower and Knickerbocker class rail over upstart new money Robber Baron (I picked up on the Jay Gould vibe) seems quaint, given the pathetic class greed and weak posers in power now. Welcome to Manhattan.  

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