Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why is Eric Holder such a jerk?

Smitty at TOM explains Eric Holder
E.T. Williams Jr. rocks in his video!  
No one has confidence in Eric Holder's ability to find the leaks.  Hell, he might be the leak!  Conflicting stories from Alexrod and Holder.

Eric Holder:  A study in corruption and incompetence
Denying emails that incriminate him...
Fighting with Axelrod in the White House (reminds me of this scene!)
Covering for Obama cronies...
More crony cover ups (Eric Holder was distracted doing something else...)
Holder directing DOJ tax dollars to Bill "Just some guy from the neighborhood" Ayers
Separated at Birth:  Eric Holder and...?
Fast & Furious and Eric Holder
Eric Holder targeting American citizens...
Holder and contempt of Congress...

(those are just the recent ones!)

Update:  Glenn Reynolds is right.  The current Obama White House leaks are bigger than the Valerie Plame incident...

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