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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Waukesha Massacre: Why are the Media and Democrats putting this down the memory hole? 😬🤔😡

The media and Democrats want to sink this story because it is politically not good for them...

The GOP should be hammering this story every day!

Darrell Brooks, a career violent criminal, is obviously mentally ill and racist. The real story is how this mass murder hate crime was 100% preventable. Darrell Brooks was in a position to do this massacre thanks to a very Progressive D.A., John T. Chisholm who released him on minimal bail and gave him back the SUV he used for this attack (previously used in another alleged violent felony a few days before).  

Of course Joe Biden is going to ignore it--it does not work for Democrats. This massacre is a direct result of Progressive policies regarding bail and criminal prosecutions. Does that make you angry?  If not, it should.

This is not just politics. Ask the six families who lost members if this is just politics. Ask the scores of seriously wounded if this is just politics. 

EBL: Never Forget The Waukesha Massacre 🤔😡, Waukesha Christmas Parade Dead, RIP 🙏🤯😡 and the Milwaukee District Attorney John T. Chisholm and those responsible in his office have blood on their hands 👏, and Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack 😢😠😡🙏

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