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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Waukesha Christmas Parade Dead, RIP 🙏🤯😡 and the Milwaukee District Attorney John T. Chisholm and those responsible in his office have blood on their hands 👏


EBL: Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack 😢😠😡🙏

My prayers and condolences to the victims and their families. This is heartbreaking. RIP

The infuriating part is it was absolutely avoidable.

Jane Kulich, RIP

Lee Owen, RIP

Tamara Durand, RIP

Virginia Sorenson, RIP

Wilhelm Hospel, RIP

Daily Mail: Virginia Sorenson, Lee Owen, Tamara Durand, Jane Kulich, and Wilhelm Hospel

Jackson Sparks, RIP

AoSHQ: Slaughter of the Innocents

Yahoo: 8 year old Jackson Sparks also died and Darrell Brooks has been charged with intentional act to hurt as many as possible

Regardless of intent of the accused murderer, that the Milwaukee District Attorney John T. Chisholm released this repeat felon and his SUV vehicle (after it was just used in a hit and run felony a few days before) on low bail is beyond outrageous. Darrell Brooks is accused of stalking the mother of his child down in a hotel, following her in the street in his car, demanding that she get in, before 'punching her with a closed fist' and then 'running her over.'  Why was this dangerous felon not in custody? The Waukesha Massacre that followed would not have happened, but for the disastrous policies of Democrats like John T. Chisholm. Voters need to demand answers, starting with getting rid of qualified immunity. 

Chisholm is a very woke politically rancid Democrat. Chisholm is backed by George Soros. He was behind the politically biased "John Doe" shenanigans in Wisconsin. Our GOP elites never bothered to remove him.  

Chisholm's office lets violent felons walk (or in this case drive away in an SUV they had previously used in a hit and run assault crime two days before Waukesha).  As a result, Waukesha mourns.  

TOM: Waukesha Massacre: Killer SUV Driver Is Rapper, Career Criminal Out on Bond and Killadelphia Update


  1. EBL,
    Thank you for this post, as horrific as it is. It is an important thing to always look evil in the face. As you asked for comments to remain civil, and as I am both a Christian, but also a 35 year veteran of working at a foundry, it would be extremely difficult to control the things that I would wish to say about not just the actions of one Mr. Brooks, but of those " Do Gooders" as we used to call them, who think that they are making things better, but instead end up killing and maiming, all in the name of progressivism. At least I hope that they think that they are making things better. It is the only excuse that I can come up with for them, since I mentioned that I am a Christian.
    My heart breaks just a bit more every time I read of yet another tragedy like this. May the Lord forgive us.


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