Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sochi Olympic Russian Rule 5 with bonus Bob Costas Rant

Team Russia is not shy in showing a more sexual side of things...stop judging them!

And we have NBC telling us that the whole Communist thing was just "modern history’s pivotal experiments"?  Someone should remind Bob Costas about the death toll under Lenin and Stalin.  
Can pink eye cause brain damage?

Update: Now it is both eyes!

If that poser Costas ever dares lecture us again on guns or social issues, someone should bitch slap him.  

She should be careful she does not poke Bob Costas in the eye...


  1. Surely we can all agree that the Russian Revolution was a pivotal event in world history.

    That was the most coherent thing Costas said. I think he's substituting vodka for water.

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  3. Final toll is about 45 million under Uncle Joe.

    Toss in 66 mil under Chairman Mao and about 6 under Uncle Hohoho and his successors and the beat Dolf and the boys by a cool humdred mil.

    But only the Narzis were eeeevillll, right?

    PS Even though these girls are supposed to be athletes, not starlets, I have to say Olga does have a certain style.

    1. RENAULT: Carl, see that Major Dutcher gets the last word in this thread.

      CARL: I have already given it to him, knowing that he is German and would take it anyway.

      --Dumb Casablanca

    2. Hey, dude, it's Dutch, not German, but all I did was what Ev asked.

  4. Costas, lose those effing glasses.

    I thought it was cute last night that after the women's snowboarding female got the gold, or was it a team event, the announcer said something like 'the United States beats Mother Russia. It was a little playful, a little in your face. But during the cold war we did learn to be respectful and, I think affectionate frenemies with them. I do feel for their current plight of low birthrate, high AIDS, high alcholism, and high unemployment.

    1. You could be discussing most Democrat run major cities in the USA with that comment!


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