Saturday, February 2, 2013

Barack Obama is shooting a semi automatic shotgun with an extended ammo tube? Update: Probably an over under.

Drudge Report headlined this photograph of President Obama today.  It was released by the White House.  President Obama is reportedly shooting a Remington 1100, which is a semi automatic (Update: below in comments it is raised whether this is an over under shotgun and it does seem to have a breech lever.  It is hard to tell from the photograph.  Also why is there gas coming out from the side? Side vent?  I am leaning to agreeing it is an over/under.  It is not clear in the photograph, but that sure does look like a breech lever and not the operating handle on a semi automatic--which would not extend that far back).  Glenn Reynolds is asking whether it is semi auto too.  Still, I think the commentators below make good points.

That shotgun looks like it has an extended ammo tube, which is unusual for a waterfowl gun (if it is an O/U it would not be unusual).  How many shells does that shotgun hold?  You could, if you were a criminal or madman, do a lot of damage with a semi automatic shotgun and say, a couple of pistols.  Just as much as one of those scary assault rifles and a couple of pistols.  But guess what, it has a legitimate purpose too.

Mom Jeans?
Cory Booker:  Legal gun owners are not causing crime in Chicago and Newark.
President Obama's angle looks off for skeet shooting, but maybe he is firing at a copy of the Constitution.
No photoshopping allowed!  Okay!  They mean it!
President Obama is reportedly using a Remington 1100 semi automatic shot gun.  
Update: Or is it an over/under Browning High Grade or Citori?


  1. I'm not an expert, but looking at the breech of the shotgun above the trigger area, notice the little lever? I have a single shot shotgun with the same lever. It is for breaking the gun open to reload. What it looks like Obama is using is an over/under double barrel shotgun, not a semi-auto. YMMV

    1. I thought it might be an over under too at first, but look at it more closely. The link from the National Post says it is a Remington 1100. I think it is a different model, but look how there is gas coming out from the side.

    2. Remington 1100, no extended mag, reciever is even with back of trigger guard not the front, not vented or ported, no safety or breach lever on top of reciever. ALL WRONG!

    3. Some Remmingtons do have extended ammo tubes, but not the high end walnut stock guns. The tactical guns have them. But the rest of what you are saying is correct.

  2. I'm gonna go with an over/under Browning High Grade or Citori. Not that it really matters. I'm sure he shoots as well as he pitches a baseball.

    1. You can tell the walnut looks great. It is obviously a nice shotgun. The more I look at the photo, the more I think you thatmrguy are right and it is an over/under.


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