Thursday, May 9, 2019

Kendrick Castillo, hero of STEM Highlands Ranch shooting, RIP

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  1. The two shooters, Devon Erickson (18) and Maya McKinney (16, trans-gendered now called Alex)) went to Erickson's house and broke into the gun safe to get their weapon's. Maya's father is an illegal alien invader who has has a history of beating his wife and has been deported several times. If we had a wall, which all democRATic ilk like Nancy Pelosi are against, it might have kept him out and Maya would have been born in Mexico and never have set foot in the U.S. so she/he/it could kill any U.S. school students. But the democRATs just want to continue to let these illegal alien slime invaders come into our country.

    Erickson, a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT, is the typical left-wing hater. He hates Christians and President Trump but loves Obama.

    "So what we have here is a school filled with students who still retain some independent thought and a healthy spirit of teenage rebellion, which we saw in action when legions of them walked out after anti-gun Democrats and activists perverted what was supposed to be a vigil for the victims into a partisan and divisive anti-gun rally."

    The two slimy DemocRATic Colorado Congressmen, Michael Bennett and Jason Crow could not wait to get in front of the left-wing media cameras to use this very sad and emotional occasion to get more attention for their gun grab agenda. Pure slime.


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