Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Night Frolics: What has Bill Clinton been up to lately?

Wombat: Twitchy: Set Phasers For BURN – Dana Loesch TORCHES George Takei For Pence-Mocking Tweet (we know Bill Clinton does not follow the Pence rule for dining out) and Adam Piggott: Podcast #42 – The Hairdressing Episode, also, Friday Hawt Links – The One For The Nerds

Instapundit: Not cheating is a problemHey Mike Pence haters, here is progressive super hero Ta-Nehisi Coates...

Michelle Malkin: Hillary fans have a problem with Mike Pence?

Victory Girls: And the media are still going after Mike Pence?

Don Surber: US Media ignore a possible Clinton sex scandal

Lem's Place: Damned if you do and Pence loves his wife

TOM: College Girls: Prostitutes and Democrats!

Woodsterman: Looking out for men's health

Proof Positive: Friday Night Babe

Pirate's Cove: If all you see is...

DaTechGuy: Proximate sin...

George Ciccariello-Maher is an Asshat

I almost ignored this story since I am sure this beta-omega leftist professor just want to get some attention, but Ciccariello-Maher's asshatery is a good example of what not to be if you ever want to be considered a man. Good job Drexel showing how second rate you are becoming as a institute of learning.

He probably has tenure. So maybe he figures if Drexel does fire him he can sue or negotiate for his salary and then does not have to deal with classes and pesky students.

Instapundit: Higher Education Bubble UpdateWhite Genocide Professor, and I can think of some ways Drexel could lower expenses

Daily Wire: This story sort of makes me want to puke too (in a different way than the professor)

TOM: Australia banning hetero-normative dress codes 

This Ain’t Hell: George Ciccariello – Snowflake King

Powerline: Schumer is flailing around

Friday Fiction: Smitty/Darleen

The Blaze: Blasted


Instapundit: Mr. President, All you have to say is "You're Fired!

Why hasn't this happened yet? I can't believe Trump's team forgot. What is the plan for getting rid of Koskinen? He is probably the most corrupt IRS Commissioner ever. Doesn't it take just President Trump saying "You're Fired"?

Tax Professor Blog: IRS Bias and Scandals still continuingthe hidden cause, Satan, Tea Parties, and the IRS, and Why is the White House Mum on Koskinen?

Patheos: Dear President Trump, please tell the scandal plagued IRS commish, "You're Fired!" Hey, I am all for giving up Koskinen for Lent!  

Rush Limbaugh: Who Koskinen really is and the arrogance of the Obama Regime

Powerline: Fox NewsDemocrat Leakers Have Been Identified?

Legal Insurrection: Just an accident, EPA?

AoSHQ: 2020 Race for the White House

Powerline: Schumer is flailing around

Friday Fiction: Smitty/Darleen

Daily Caller: Of course, you realize, this means war!

Bjørn Lomborg: Paris Climate Treaty Is A Paper Tiger

President Trump is wise to reverse this. We should get out of it all together. It is bad for the United States and does nothing to for its purported climate change goals. It is the worse sort of posturing. That Obama did this as he was literally going out the door show what a sham it is.  

While there will undoubtably be wailing and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects, I am guessing Trump is not that worried. I am less concerned with UN and EU bureaucrats and celebrity posers than I am with regular US Citizens impacted by this nonsense.  

Mark Steyn: The Vertigo at the Top of the Stick. Now if you want to really make someone suffer, drag them into the DC Circuit.  The case will drag on forever and nothing will be resolved.  

Instapundit: Trump reverses Obama's climate change legacy, which is really just a big fraud

Global Call Paris what it really is...

Bjørn Lomborg: Get The Facts Straight

Don Surber: Brexit and No Lines

CNN: End Of The World!!!

Polar Bear Praying, probably not about the Paris Treaty...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dina Habib Powell joins the Trump Administration

Powerline: Let's Bring Back The Filibuster!

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington: Note how Jimmy Stewart gets around the corrupt media...

Steven Hayward at Powerline has a good point: 
Question: Will Senate Democrats who are up for re-electiojn next year from the states Trump won, like Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp and Claire McCaskill, really want to stop all Senate business to please their rabid base? How may Senate seats do Democrats want to lose next year? And as extended filibuster by the likes of Al Franken and Dianne Feinstein will simply expose their foolishness to more Americans. 
Bring it on. (Add a further possible twist of the knife. McConnell could engineer a short recess of the Senate, during which time Trump could make a recess appointment to the Court on the argument that the Court needs its full bench to decide pressing cases. Liberals would howl at the moon. Rinse and repeat until the Democrats get over it and allow Gorsuch to be confirmed.)

Of course Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is a complete fantasy.  As if a corrupt old coot like Claude Rains' character Senator Joseph Paine would ever admit he did anything wrong. Still it is a great movie and I do love it.  

Frank Capra with the actors

Instapundit: Maybe the problem is RyanTrump needs McConnell to do thisFaster PleaseEnd the Filibuster's Power of Obstruction, Media hypocrisy: contrast and compare, and the Futility of Filibustering Gorsuch

Rush Limbaugh: Trump doubles down and the Freedom Caucus makes him an offer, Obama aide admits surveillance of Trumpwhen fantasies end, and the Freedom Causus is not the problem

HotAir: Schumer and Dems Filibustering Lowlights and Hypocrisy and Manchin and Heitkamp voting for Gorsuch (giving Schumer a face saving out)

Washington Examiner: Trump demands probe of Clinton Foundation's ties to Russian uranium deal

Weasel Zippers: Manchin is voting for Gorsuch and Chuck Schumer is still delusional

EBL: Chuck Schumer's Anger Management

TOM: Hard Milage Women (Democrat?)

Proof Positive: Vintage Babe of Week

Powerline: Schumer flailing around

HotAir: Progs Calling Bluff?

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Helen Pluckrose is losing her "religion"...

Helen Pluckrose is an atheist classical liberal. I give her credit for recognizing how toxic feminism has become.  Except for Camille Paglia (who correctly describes current feminism as 'drearily puritanical' and authoritarian), I do not hear a lot of women bucking feminism on the left. 

The trend (in the wrong direction) goes well beyond radical feminism (which has coopted and taken over the concept of feminism as gender equality and turned it into rabid hatred of things male). There used to be a time when the term "liberal" was referring to classical liberalism. It is classical liberal ideas that allowed Western Civilization to flourish (and it is the adoption of those ideals by other cultures that have contributed to their growth and prosperity too). How far we have fallen.  

If you want to be atheist that is your business. I support people believing whatever they want. Of course, with the rejection of traditional faiths, religion did not go away. Christianity and Judaism in the West have been replaced with a pantheist mix of Gaiaism, Patriarch hatred, New Ageism, and generally sloppy thinking. Sorry, we are defenitely not better off as a society.

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Olivia Culpo

Daily Mail: Olivia's Spa Day

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

John Podesta's May Have Violated Federal Law, sends a Cease and Desist Letter to the Daily Caller

Kemberlee Kaye at Legal Insurrection asks if Senator Chuck Schumer has an anger management problem....

Is Trump Already A Lame Duck?

They need to grow a set. Seriously, do they just listen to the mainstream media all day and get frothed into a lather?  Or maybe a few of them really are covert lefties who are pretending to be 'principled conservatives'?  Or maybe a couple of them have personality conflicts with a few other folks over there and just want to say "I told you so" more out of saying "I told you so" than anything else?  

Sorry, but some of you folks need to cowboy up and stop acting like you should be bloated water retaining moderators over at RedState.  Maybe some of these folks want to be staffers or supporters for Evan McMullin? Trump has a great speech earlier this month in front of Congress, and a few weeks later everything is a crap sandwich.  Amartel gives a great response to these nattering naysayers.  

The Gorsuch nomination is Yuge (in a very good way).  Of course there are no guarantees with any of this. I doubt Gorsuch when he gets on the bench is going to be the next Clarence Thomas, but I suspect he will be way better than John Roberts. Given the alternatives, I consider that a very big win. Now in the remote chance somehow Schumer manages to block this next Friday or Senate GOPe turn around and stab Trump in the back, fair enough.  

We have a full on frontal assault by the media on Trump.  Why not call them out on it?  Ted Koppel's hair is worse than the Donald's.  

The Democrats, while potentially dangerous, are weak and losers. The DNC is in shambles.  Schumer screaming at a Trump supporter at a restaurant is not the behavior of a strong leader, it shows what a weak shrill little bitch he actually is.  And if he filibusters Gorsuch...oh well!

Now granted there is risk out there to Trump. The GOPe could screw this all up.  The GOPe is blocking wall funding. The health care thing was messed up, but it is hardly over yet. So while things might not turn out exactly as we like, I still know what could have been.

Wombat: American Power: Ford Investing $1.2 Billion In U.S. Plants As Trump Touts Jobs – #MAGA!, Don Surber: Trump Realizes CO2 Is A Nutrient, The Jawa Report: Three Refugees Arrested, Lied On Visa Applications, and Twitchy: Did Former Obama Appointee Evelyn Farkas Just Admit Trump’s Staff Was Spied On?

Legal Insurrection: You go to war with the President you got,  Dem base not even woke to coming tsunami of Trump lower court nominations Or as you might like to say: Boom!

Rush Limbaugh: Wrong target Mr. President: It was not the Freedom Caucus who is to blameThe failure of the Obamacare repeal gives the GOP the opportunity to do it better and HBO's Big Little Lies puts miserable liberal lives on display

Instapundit: Maybe the problem is RyanThe big fail is the media, How Obama weaponized the media against TrumpFolks, this is fun. I am having the time of my life..., If he has to leverage, why the Freedom Caucus? Why not the GOPe?

Don Surber: The Art of the Health Deal and We will still Trump Obamacare

Powerline: Will Democrats Die on Mount Gorsuch?

Roger Simon: Democrat Anger Management

Small Dead Animals: Winning

Daily Caller: Of course, you realize, this means war!

AoSHQ: 2020 Race for the White House

Doug Ross: Mr. President, don't make us choose

Don Surber: Media completely miss the real story behind the Trump Administration

Daily Mail:  President Trump calls Chuck Todd "Sleepy-Eyed" in response to his claims Trump is Lame Duck

Does eating a Louie Salad constitute a Russian connection?

While I am partial to blue cheese dressing myself, I must admit a properly prepared Louie Salad loaded with shrimp and crab meat is pretty awesome.  And when you think about it, Louie dressing is a lot like Russian dressing, which is also a lot like Thousand Island dressing, but there are supposedly differences but it is sorta blurred and really depends on who is making it.  Here are some homemade salad dressing tips

Crab Louie, but is that wine from the Russian River Valley

Mark Steyn: Russian To Justice

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Breaking News: Donald Trump may use Russian Dressing

For obviously bovine reasons, I do not do rubens myself (I go with the salads).  Still, my friends who do eat them swear they are delicious (prefering the pastrami over corned beef). I never use Russian dressing on a salad, I go with blue cheese or homemade Caesar, but it makes sense why Russian dressing would work on a ruben (I would think some great mustard works too).

I am not sure I buy the Ruben was invented in Nebraska.  But there are disputes on the origins of the sandwich.  

John Podhoretz (who looks like he has eaten a few pounds of pastrami and corned beef over the years) says the best is the 2nd Avenue Deli or Pastrami Queen but I am pretty sure they don't do rubens because of the cheese meat Kosher prohibition. So if you want a ruben from there, you will

have to add the cheese at home.

RyanCare failed mostly due to Paul Ryan

RyanCare would never have rolled out in that form had Paul Ryan reached out to the Freedom Caucus, GOP moderates and others in advance of unveiling.  Instead he sprung a plan that had little chance of success and tried to quickly ram it through.

Sure some of this falls on President Trump and his team. But Paul Ryan was the policy wonk who crafted this proposal. More importantly, Paul Ryan was responsible for at least getting the bill out of the House, where Republicans have a significant majority. Ryan failed.

Embarrassing? Oh yeah. Disaster? Not if Ryan and Trump go back and craft a proper bill and learn from this mistake.

American Thinker: What now for ObamaCare? While Brian Joondeph make a good point about Democrat discipline in passing ObamaCare, it still turned out to be a legislative nightmare for them.  If we are going to fundamentally turn back the clock (which many of us agree needs to be done) we need to turn back the clock.  I recognize there will be give and take and the end result will be far from perfect (the Reagan loaf thing), but Ryan's plan was unfortunately almost as bad if not worse than Obamacare.

Instapundit: Repeal back on the agenda?

The Hill: Wounded Ryan Faces A New Battle

Heat Street: Paul Ryan is the new face of our broken political system

Legal Insurrection: The real goal of Obamacare? and You go to war with the President you have

Rush Limbaugh: If Democrats work with Trump, it will be to advance their political agenda, not his (true but what if Trump is trying to leverage the GOP with this and do you really expect him to get support from Schumer) and Obamacare repeal and Tax Cuts (so what if it's hard)

EBL: Mark Steyn Explains Why GOP-RyanCare was badGOP Disaster? Nonsense, and No Votes

Wombat: American Thinker: Why Trump Is Failing but is he failing: Don Surber: Republicans Rolling Back The Regs and Dems seem a wee bit unhinged: Jammie Wearing Fools: Resistance Leader Chuck Schumer Berates Female Trump Voter At NYC Restaurant

Jonah Goldberg: Who is to blame for Trump's failures?  Yes, when it comes to the RyanCare fail, Paul Ryan is mostly responsible for that.  So is Trump to some extent, but Ryan's job was to get a bill through the House.  He failed.  

Is CNN's Brian Stelter covering for an illegal alien child rapist? And if so, why? Update: Rape charges dropped, but Brian Stelter is still an Asshat

The Rockville Rape is an absolutely horrifying story. So is Fox News biased for reporting on this because it is just a 'local' story? Or could it be CNN and the other networks are biased in purposely embargoing the story because they fear it could lend support to calls for curtailing illegal immigration?  Hmmm, what could it be?

Ok, I should not say Brian Stelter is "ok" with child rape. I assume even an asshole like Stelter does not approve of child rape. He just does not consider it sufficiently newsworthy for CNN to focus on and would prefer things like that are not reported on a national basis. Because Brian Stelter and CNN have a bigger agenda to push.  

Now CNN did report the story initially. But why give more attention to this story when the accused child rapist came into the United States under President Obama's watch?

Conservative Firing Squad: CNN Stelter attacks Fox News

Instapundit: Dem Operatives with bylines

Twitchy: Schumer's War onWomen

Reddit: KIA is kicking it around

JWF: Democrats Defend

Twitchy: This Is CNN

EBL: Deportations!

Instapundit: News!

Update: EBL: Rape charges dropped, but Brian Stelter is still an Asshat