Sunday, April 30, 2017

Peshtigo Fire Storm, October 8, 1871

Disasters like Johnstown Flood and the Chicago Fire (which happened the same night) are disasters of legend, but the Peshtigo Fire is mostly unknown outside of Wisconsin.  Which is shocking given it is the deadliest fire in U.S. history. Approximately 2,500 people lost their lives around Peshtigo.

h/t: Ampersand at Lem's Place

There were lots of fires that day, but the Peshtigo Fire was the worse

The narration is annoying, but this video does have some good information

White Pine logging in Michigan

Allied Forces studied the conditions that led to the Peshtigo Fire and the resulting fire storm to recreate them in WWII fire bombing campaigns in Germany and Japan.

Separated at Birth (or Joined by Fail): Billy McFarland and Robby Mook

There are a lot of similarities between these two epic fails. We can enjoy the schadenfreude, but there is a lesson here for us all. Don't believe your own hype. Hubris can be a real bitch.

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Don Surber: Hey Hillary, don't blame Mook, blame John Tyler for your loss!

AoSHQ: Ace finally finds out about it!  But the Schadenfreude never gets old.

Is Jim DeMint Looking For A Job? I know a place he should apply...

This would be excellent news. A huge obstacle Trump faces is the Establishment GOP.  The more conservative voices advising the President, the better. Jim DeMint is a very smart principled conservative, who also understands how Congress works.  He would be an invaluable team member for Trump given the goals of heath care and tax reform. Mike Pence can't do it all.

Jim DeMint meeting with President Trump on Obamacare Repeal

Instapundit: DeMint out at Heritage  Heritage's loss, our gain.

Daily Wire: Five things about Jim DeMint's ouster

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

So How Did The White House Correspondents' Dinner Go This Year?

Trump just said he is building the wall, don't doubt it.  And Trump called Schumer a "bad leader." And he had the temerity to mock the media (gasp)!

TOM: Media Trolled: Get reporters to believe 'Ok' gesture is a 'White Power' signal

Milo: Enemy of the people pretend they are not enemies of the people
Lem's Place: Trump, Harrisburg Rally, Media

Separated at Birth: Elizabeth Warren and...

Instapundit: Why does NBC's Daniel Arkin lie? The jabs about Lie-a-watha and Faux-a-hontas are about Liz Warren's FAKE Indian ancestry, Why are the Democrats like Elizabeth Warren so filled with hate and violence?, and 'Obit' gives us the unpretty view inside journalism

If Elizabeth Warren is Native American, why not take a DNA test and share the results with us all?

Washington Post Fake News: So while various testing companies can tell if you have any Neaderthal markers (going back 60,000 years or so) identifying any Native American markers a four or five generations back is unlikely? 

Victory Girls: Reaction to Elizabeth Warren's fake Indian name

Friday, April 28, 2017

Arbor Day Rule 5: Anna May Wong

I forgot it was Arbor Day, till I noted Mr. Hoge was going to an Arbor Day celebration honoring Mrs. Hoge. I looked up celebrities planting trees and found this picture of the lovely Anna May Wong planting a willow tree. Anna May's Chinese name was Wong Lew Song, translates literally as "Frosted Yellow Willows"

Rotten Tomatoes: Anna May Wong

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Celebrity Schadenfreude: Fyre Festival of Fraud, Fear and Fail

Everything else sucked, but I guess you could go see the Bahama "Swimming Pigs" 

Breitbart: Promises of tropical island paradise with Instagram models, met with assaults and wild dogs

US Weekly: Ja Rule's Fyre Festival was a Complete Fail: Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies

TOM: New Jersey Computer Whiz Kid Discovers Real Life Is Not Like Web Design and Lesbian couple experience the fun and adventure of the Islamic world

NY Mag: Fyre Festival was always going to be a disaster...

NY Post: Ja Rule's Tropical Paradise descends into hell...

Business Insider: Ja Rule says it is not his fault, but promise to make it right

AoSHQ: Ace finally finds out about it!  But the Schadenfreude never gets old.

Rule 5 and FMJRA

When did people first get to California?

The evidence supporting this theory seems pretty damn thin. It is entirely possible humans entered North America sooner than what general scientific consensus is now...there is just little proof for it yet (certainly not for a 100,000 years ago plus). But lets follow where the evidence leads us.  

One thing though, although I do not have evidence to prove this, I am pretty sure Neanderthals and Sasquatch did not put ketchup on their hotdogs or mastadon...

90 Miles From Tyranny: All French Wine is really California Wine

Talking about pseudo science, how about feminist studies? A Feminist Woman meets an Neanderthal...

This video is awesome!

Saving the planet one ketchup cup at a time...

Just as long a you are not putting that ketchup on a hot dog, because that is disgusting...

You can save the planet the old school way, go plant a tree on Arbor Day: 

Trump 100: How's He Doing?

While he wanted to be hot out of the gate, the 100 day marker is an arbitrary one. But since it will be discussed, Donald J. Trump has done okay as President his first 100 days. He made a hellava pick for the Supreme Court with Gorsuch and McConnell did a very good job shepherding him through Senate confirmation. There is a lesson to be learned there for the rest of the President's agenda.

There have been set backs with repealing Obamacare and his executive orders with the courts. Whether these are significant or not depends on how President Trump moves forward. Trump has to deal with a (mostly) hostile media and Democrat party insanity.

One lesson of this is Trump needs to work better with the Republican majorities in the House and Senate (and that does not mean giving in to Paul Ryan's view of the world). Still, having the backing of Congress would do a lot to avoid show downs with Obama appointed judges. President Trump will obviously need Congress to deal with Obamacare and his tax reform plans. Republicans also need to target vulnerable Democrats in the upcoming midterms, but the best way of doing that is more success on the GOP side. Tax reform and rolling back regulations will do a lot in jump starting the economy. Maintaining Obama policies is a recipe for failure.

The media is jumping over this comments President Trump made. While a moment of candor, is it all that surprising? Life as President is way more restrictive than private life, which is was part of what Trump was acknowledging. The smug condescension by Trump's critics is more revealing than what the President said. The media still does not get it. There is a reason Trump is winning the media war.

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FBI Convened A Grand Jury To Investigate Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Separated at Birth: ANTIFA and...

ANTIFA and Nazi Brownshirts, brothers in arms against the First Amendment and Free Speech

ANTIFA are what they supposedly are against. It is Orwellian, since what constitutes "fascist" is basically anything Antifa and its far left thugs disagree with. From Huntington Beach, to Berkeley, to Portland, these tactics of violence and intimidation are spreading. They are fascist thugs trying to stifle free speech. And wee Robert Reich, I am talking to you too.

Mark Steyn: The State vs Free Speech

Don Surber: The Press does not defend free speech

Hot Air: NYT tries to spin this against conservatives

PJ Media: Parody music video smashes Antifa Fascists

TOM: The Party Of Hate (Antifa are just their shock troops)

AoSHQ: NYT beclowns itself and Doesn't want to hear Coulter

Legal Insurrection: Threat of Antifa violence shuts down Portland parade

Rush Limbaugh: The Washington Post writes in praise of paid protesters (like Antifa)

Instapundit: Roger Simon: Will fascism come to America?Alt Right defending free speech from Antifa?A party of diversity and tolerance?, Ann Coulter's speech battle, NYT to Ann CoulterObama's Legacy: The chilling threat of political violence, How Reagan restored order at BerkeleyIntimidation is the new normal on campus,Violent leftists in PortlandCoulter drops out of Berkeley speech over threatened violence, and The Alt Right denounces Trump (they are with Antifa)

The Gathering Storm

Gearing up for violent protest

Twitchy: There's stupid and then there's Antifa

DaTechGuy: Berkeley cops there only to protect Antifa

Daily Caller: Berkeley should respect and defend free speech

Twitchy: Good news: Police at Berkeley arrest and de-mask demonstrator

Evan McMullin: Before you run for office again, maybe you should pay off your debts...

Twitchy:  Although the way he is wracking up debt, perhaps Evan McMullin is ready for higher office!

Twitchy Comments: Separated at Birth? 

Alien: Covenant | Prologue: The Crossing

Inverse: Did they reveal too much?

I got suckered into Prometheus, hoping it would be great and it turned out meh. Are Ridley Scott and Alien producers going to do it to me again?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This will not end well: Antifa and other anarchists again threaten violence

The 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade cancelled due to threats of violence. And Willamette Week, you lie, the left started by threatening violence and you know it. 

Sorry kids, no parade for you...

This sort of behavior cannot be allowed to stand.  Yet from Huntington Beach, to Berkeley, and now to Portland, this sort of behavior is allowed. It is even happening in Australia. And the goal seems to be shutting down free speech by quashing it And it will only spread.  

Legal Insurrection: Hecklers use their veto

Mark Steyn: The Big Shut Up