Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ESPN has managed to drive itself completely insane...

I must admit, this failing around political correct nonsense is way more entertaining that most of ESPN's coverage right now. Twitchy points out Reuters' dilema over determining ESPN's Robert Lee: Doppelgänger or Namesake?  If we want a German word for this debacle, Schadenfreude sorta works better...

TOM: Why The South Is Rising Again and Robert Tracinski kills it

Legal Insurrection: Reuters Thinks ESPN’s Robert Lee is the Confederate General’s Namesake, Doppelganger

Piglets saved from fire are served as sausages to the firefighters...

This qualifies as the feel good story of the day!

Daily Mail:  Here are some Russian firefighters saving pigs too (no word if they got sausages)

The Ramones: Maria Bartiromo

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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A View From The Beach : Way Back Wednesday

EBL: Maria Bartiromo roasts John Podesta, Post Debate Maria BartiromoMaria Bartiromo Rule 5, and The Uncle Floyd Show and the Ramones

Wombat: The Political Hat: Schrodinger’s Senator, Jammie Wearing Fools: Two Kennedys Arrested After Wild Cape Cod Party, Mark Steyn: From Barbarous To Evil, also, Love Me Tender

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Vulture Bees and Meat Honey

Vulture bees, of the stingless Trigona family of bees, make 'a sweet clear honey' out of rotting flesh.

I want to know who collected and tried vulture bee honey to declare it sweet.🐝🍯🤔

Woodsterman: Ornithologist

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Joss Whedon: Asshat Of The Day

This story is no surprise to anyone who has followed Joss Whedon's rants over the last few years.  He is unhinged and his Trump Derangement Syndrome is just a symptom of his increasingly unstable mental health. I like some of his work a lot, but like a lot of artists, he is a complete narcissistic asshat.  

And the male feminist stuff?  That was just a line of BS he used to lie to his wife and pick up chicks in Hollywood.  

TOM: Feminism as Cliché and Robert Tracinski kills it
Twitchy: Jim Treacher might leave a mark with this series of tweets...
EBL: Joss Whedon's feeling butt hurt over Trump winning

The Federalist: Nazi Hunting Fantasies and Hysteria

Why is University of Texas removing the statute of James Stephen Hogg?

The whole sudden madness of removing Confederate statutes is a case triggered by the murderous actions of an evil loser, followed by shameless exploitation by craven Democrat and leftist opportunists. Funny how this only becomes an issue while Donald Trump is president (why didn't Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi tear down these statutes). The only reason this is even possible though is the lemming-esque mass of GOPe Republicans spooked and falling over themselves trying not to be labeled racists.

I get the rationale (even if I disagree with much of it) of removing Confederate memorials and statutes. Personally, I can think of at least one other statute that needs to be torn down first.

Like Charles Barkley said, it seems like a distraction from real issues going on. I get why some people would question such statutes and memorials, but aren't most public memorials (unless it is a national memorial) best handled on the state and local level? The problem is, where do you stop?  And as the Other McCain notes, why the sudden focus on statutes?

But why would the University of Texas remove a statute of James Stephen Hogg? He is the first native born governor of Texas.

Big Jim Hogg was a Democrat who courted the black vote (which solidified Democrat power in Texas at the time). Was Jim Hogg the LBJ of his day? Not exactly, although that might (at least from my perspective) justify removing his statute. Still, even by the standards of today, James Stephen Hogg seems like a politician who looked out for his constituents. Jim Hogg put Texas first in politics. Jim Hogg was popular in Texas for fighting legal battles with corrupt federal officials in Washington and eastern rail road tycoons.

Unlike our current 'public servants' in politics (*spit*), Hogg did not get rich while in office (he fought against the rampant corruption of the Grant cronies in Washington at the time). Still Hogg and his family did make a fortune after he left government, but much of that he and his children donated back to State of Texas under the theory if the wealth came from fortuitousness of finding riches in the earth you owned, they also belonged to everyone in the state. The Hogg family made numerous and generous donations to the University of Texas and other charitable institutions.

Okay, James Stephen did cruelly name his lovely daughter Ima...

Perhaps the media have it wrong (imagine that). James Stephen Hogg did not fight in the civil war (he was too young). His father, Joseph Lewis Hogg, however, owned about 20 slaves and was a brigadier general in the army of the CSA. After a not particularly good start in that position, Joseph Lewis Hogg's military involvement was cut short by a fatal bout of camp dysentery. Not exactly the sort of military career that would prompt a public statute. Still, could the statute in question be that of Joseph Lewis Hogg (it would make sense a wealthy donor would have his deceased father's statute put up on campus)?

Hogg was alive during the Civil War, but was too young to serve. UT-Austin spokesman J.B. Bird said the university had no objection to Hogg's statue on campus, but "the entire statuary is one exhibit, so it all goes together."
That is of them to say they have no objection to Hogg. He is just a wealthy dead white donor. UT has his money, so no need to worry. So Hogg is out just for associating with the wrong crowd. 

Universities and colleges are supposed to be places of learning. There is a lesson to be learned here: don't donate to institutions like the University of Texas. You've been warned.  

The Pogues: Tuesday Morning

Sunday, August 20, 2017

#SolarEclipse U2: Staring At The Sun

#SolarEclipse Soundgarden : Black Hole Sun

Remember, your eyes will be damaged staring at it without adequate protection...

Hogewash: Epic ViewMonday's Eclipse and Big Astronomy

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Jerry Lewis RIP

Jerry didn't get to see the eclipse...😥

#SolarEclipse You owe it to yourself to experience a total solar eclipse...

Of course, if you are looking at hours of backed up traffic, it might not be so appealing: Colorado/Wyoming, Oregon, South Carolina--and bad traffic could continue on to Wednesday.

Instapundit: Kid Solar Eclipse Activity Books and wait, what?

But don't burn your retinas...

If you stare at it you will go blind

EBL: Iron Maiden and Ozzy Eclipse Songs, Amazon and Cat Eclipse Moon WomenTotal Eclipse of the HeartBurning Man 2017Glenn Campbell: The Moon Is A Harsh MistressReady for Eclipse, and Ring of Fire (this is going back to Southern Hemisphere Eclipse in February) and the Lunar Eclipse of 2014

Powerline: How to safely watch a solar eclipse or CNN

You CANNOT do eye exercises so you can look directly at the sun...don't try!

Hogewash: Epic View

Saturday, August 19, 2017

#GameOfThrones : Season 8 Script Spoilers or Fan Theories?

We are not even though Season 7 yet, and now Season 8 script leaks are out there? Are they real? They could be real. They could be fake. So if you don't want to read spoilers, don't read these links.

If they are fan theories, they are interesting. It is certainly a plausible way to end the series.  

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Separated at Birth: Arya Stark and...?

Ayra Stark and Steve Bannon: They both have a list...

Proof Positive: Bannon: "Hold my beer..."

Wombat: Power Line: Apple Funds Left-Wing Hate Group (the SPLC is all about money and we can only assume Apple shares its hate agenda), also, Statue Of Limitations (2), Twitchy: Charles Barkley Brings Voice Of Reason To Monument Debate

Put A Ring On It!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Stabbing attack in Turku, Finland

Hot Air: Mass Stabbing Attack in Turku, Finland (possibly more perpetrators)

Initial reports strangely silent on motive (other than mental health)

I am disgusted and concerned. The media (at least in the USA) is sickly obsessive about Trump and Charlottesville, yet this looming threat in Europe and the West continues to march on. Roger Simon is right, the problem is not Nazis. There is a far bigger threat out there.  

Is Steve Bannon finished?

Update:  While not officially confirmed yet, it looks like Bannon is going gone. He may have already resigned and that interview he did was just to sealed the deal. Still, Bannon may be more effective for the Trump agenda outside than in.  

A lot of NeverTrumpers are predicting Bannon goes out for revenge against Trump. They then nuance that by saying he will be attacking Kelly, McMasters, etc. I guess we will see what happens, but I do not get the feeling Bannon wants to destroy Trump. Bannon does unleash, however, on the GOPe.

Rush Limbaugh is stepping up to act as 'chief strategist' to President Trump. Rush recommends that the President focus on the economy. Will Bannon now become a media hero? 

Hot Air: Fantasy/Reality and Mitt/Trump

This works too

Roanoke: The Lost Colony

The ship returned on August 18, 1590, only to find Croatoan carved on a post

The Lost Colony

Okay there are lots of theories what happened: Abducted by aliens?The Lost Colony of Roanoke, and the Mysterious Lost Colony

Wilder theories aside, and given no bodies were found, the most probable is the most likely: They were attacked by a nearby tribe. They had valuable things (like metal) the tribe would want. Tribes often attacked other groups. Either the colonists were all killed, or the natives killed the men and took the women as captives.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT Guy Imran Awan Indicted

Total Eclipse: Iron Maiden with Bonus Bark At The Moon

A Can't Miss Event? Of course, if you are looking at hours of backed up traffic, it might not be so appealing: Colorado/WyomingOregon, MissouriSouth Carolina--which could continue on to Wednesday.

Powerline: How to safely watch a solar eclipse or CNN

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Guardian: Prepping for the eclipse in Idaho

But don't burn your retinas...

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