Saturday, June 4, 2016

Did you know? On June 4, 1824, New York City was struck by an unseasonable hurricane that caused death and destruction?

About that projected sea level rise? At least not yet.

I often hear people claim Hurricane Sandy was some global warming induced event. It wasn't.
And yes, I know Sandy did not hit in June.  But did you know New York City has experienced four  June hurricanes over recorded data?  If one hit this month, you know it would be blamed on global warming/climate change.

I spoke too soon: Tropical Storm Colin approaches Florida


  1. I think the 1938 hurricane news was eclipsed by Hitler's annexation of the Sudetenland.

    William Manchester gave the 1938 hurricane several pages in his "The Glory And The Dream." People had no warning back then: no radar and no inkling that a hurricane was coming ashore. Manchester wrote:

    Among the striking stories which later came to light was the experience of a Long Islander who had bought a barometer a few days earlier in a New York store. It arrived in the morning post September 21, and to his annoyance the needle pointed below 29, where the dial read "Hurricanes and Tornadoes." He shook it and banged it against a wall; the needle wouldn't budge. Indignant, he repacked it, drove to the post office, and mailed it back. While he was gone, his house blew away.


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