Saturday, October 17, 2015

Frank Sinatra: For A While

A song by Bob Gaudio (one of the Four Seasons) and Jake Holmes (who was just recently in the news for suing Jimmy Page for plagiarizing the rift of Dazed and Confused), orchestrated by Charles Calello from the Watertown concept album.  Watertown sold poorly when released in 1969 but it is a very interesting album (you might want to turn down the autoplay, however, on this link). 
Watertown's orchestration was done in Manhattan and Sinatra did the vocals later in Los Angeles

Mark Steyn has Colman and Leigh's (arranged by Quincy Jones and backed by Count Basie) The Best Is Yet To Come. Mark is all about Nelson Riddle with Van Heusen and Mercer's I Thought About You although he does have this film suggestion and a special Man of Columbus focus for Columbus Day. Pundette has the Bergmans' Nice and Easy, orchestrated by Nelson Riddle and Cole Porter's Night and Day, in Paris, also orchestrated by Riddle. Bob Belvedere has the album Nice and Easy on his #9 for best Sinatra disks and Frank reminisces about Tommy Dorsey for #8.

For Columbus Day I had the Gershwins' They All Laughed. Given how scarce female song writers are for American songbook standards, I had Imogen Carpenter's Anytime, Anywhere (although I did enjoy the Mandalay reference too). I had Frank's early hit with Tommy Dorsey Trade Winds. I also had Rain (Falling From The Skies) and The Night We Called It A Day. Before that I had Gershwins' I Got Plenty 'O' Nuttin. I had the jazz standard Indian Summer with bonus Michele Carey. Given Mark's post a Cole Porter Indian Summer classic It's All Right With Me, I posted the Can Can film clip of that performance along with the lovely Juliet Prowse.

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