Friday, September 4, 2015

Freddy Gray, Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore Six Time: Be glad you don't live in Baltimore right now

Legal Insurrection/Andrew Branca:  Be glad you don't live in Baltimore right now...
If you like how Ferguson turned out, you'll love Baltimore

AoSHQ/Maetenloch: TOM: Guess the Murder Capital of the USA right now?

Charm City? Not anymore...


  1. Six separate cases? I'm glad Maryland is paying for it. From what I've read of the events, the only person that might have committed manslaughter is the paddywagon driver, who is black. The other officers were policing an area that the DA's office had designated a high crime area, those giving the officers ground to confront Freddie Gray. Perhaps one could get a conviction for the officers carrying out an unlawful order, but it was Mosby that effectively gave the order.

  2. The autopsy says the guy did it to himself. How you get a conviction on that will be interesting to see, but, if Baltimore goes up this fall, the diversity hires in charge are to blame.

  3. I am surprised "The Other McCain" cites "Detroit" in his comparison to Baltimore. He's about a decade or two behind the times...Baltimore is now what Detroit WAS, not what it is today. East St Louis, Gary (Indiana), Camden (New Jersey), Chester (Pennsylvania) and Saginaw (Michigan) all exceed Detroit (number 7 in recent reviews) and Baltimore has leaped over all of them to number 1.


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