Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ben Carson 2016?

I know a lot of conservatives have all summer been in a panic or manic over Donald Trump. Lefties are in a panic over anti establishment voters too. I am not. I did not think Trump had any chance of being the nominee. I was wrong about that, he has a very decent chance to win the GOP nomination.  Trump also has the reasonable chance of being the next POTUS. I know some say Trump is helping Jeb!, and their reasoning is not totally wrong, but Jeb! is getting less and less viable the more people see him. In that sense, Jeb is a lot like Hillary.  

Ben Carson also has a decent shot and the lamestream media does not see him coming. I like Ben Carson a lot (even if I disagree with him on some substantive policy postions) but did not think Carson could do it. I was wrong about that. Carson's quiet steady performance is winning voters. More importantly, Carson seems to be getting better as a candidate. He could be the real dark horse in this race.  I do not mean that term in a racial sense, but race will matter a lot in the general and Carson (if he passes the primary test) could be a very formidable candidate in the general.

Jonah Goldberg (not a Trump fan) fears for the future.  I do too, but I have a feeling a phoenix will rise (if not this election cycle, soon).
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  1. Even if he fades at the clubhouse turn, which I think he and The Donald will, a black man that's a serious contender will give blacks pause in a year where they obviously are starting to realize they've been had.

  2. If Michigan has a real Primary with voters I'll vote for Carson if he's on that ballot...however Michigan Republicans have lately had the musical chairs Caucus affairs where I have no vote or say...e.g., in a Caucus if you do not cave, you are why bother at all if your opinion matters not regardless of the candidate? At least the Democrats here, so far, here have a voting Primary.

  3. I need to modify my remark above...IF we have a real Republican voter primary in Michigan, I will vote for Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina, depending on how they both continue their campaigns. If we have another musical chairs Republican Caucus, then I'll sign up for the Democratic Primary, if it is a voter primary, and vote for Jim Webb just to vote against Hillary.

    Of course, if I do the latter I'll have to tell the Michigan Democratic Party to go pound sand again (last time was 2004) to avoid their incessant solicitation calls. They have no sense of humor. Or taste in candidates.

    If the Trumpster survives and makes it an the election against Hillary, I'll vote for him...I am part of the ABH party.


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