Monday, July 13, 2015

Why Trump's surging in the polls: Trump's press conference with families who lost loved ones to illegal alien murderers...

William Jacobson has two terrific posts about this at Legal Insurrection and National Review (read the whole thing). 

The elder Shaw praised Trump in interviews this week on the Fox News Channel and with Loesch for his criticism of illegal immigration. Shaw told Loesch that Trump's criticism of illegal immigration is "resonating in the black community because we see all the carnage that's happened and all the memorials. We see all the jobs that are gone. We see the whole community changing."
Illegal aliens not only escalate violence in black neighborhoods, they also take black jobs and drive down wages  

Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump is right on illegal alien crime numbersEl Chapo threatens Trump, David Brooks thinks Talk Radio is the problem (I agree, I have heard David talk on NPR and it almost made me drive into a bridge embankment), and don't go too far with Trump (so you can't walk it back)

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  1. The murder of a clean cut black kid won't get much out of the Choom Gang and the race hustlers, but lacks will listen.

    PS "Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo threatens The Donald"

    The cartels make big money in the illegals trade. Could be that's why Selfie and Holder were more interested in arming the bad buys.


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