Friday, July 31, 2015

Trump goes after Huma (and her deviant husband too) and if only the Establishment GOP would learn...

It is not just the sexual stuff, as AoSHQ notes, Hillary is a walking national security disaster

Republicans need to direct their fire at the Democrats: This works and this does not (Mitt we don't need help like this).  

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Instapundit/Elizabeth Price Foley: Huma Abedin and her special relationship with the Clintons (so what if it violates the law, laws are for little people)
You know you are over the target when you start getting flak

Twitchy: Huma over paid $10K while at the State Department

Major Bambi

Macro Rubio on Cecil the Lion and Planned Parenthood

Why Ask Why?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

DeflateGate now BurqaGate? And why the double standard for Hillary Clinton vs. Tom Brady?

The French (I assume a sizable portion) and Muslims (at least some) are Furious about Gisele Bundchen's Burqa

Who does Gisele think she is, Hillary Clinton?
Of course not, Hillary would never breast feed...

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Fitzy (as a die hard NE Pats fan) is of course disgusted with DeflateGate!  But Trump is backing Tom Brady. Hey if Hillary Clinton gets no penalty for deleting and mishandling thousand of classified emails, why should Tom Brady get any flack for destroying his cell phone and deflating some balls?  Jeez Louise Goodell, where's the equality?

DaTechGuy: Wack-A-Mole 
Rush Limbaugh: Rolling Stone compares Trump to Cosby, leaves out the Clintons (why is that), Trump taps into the voter block the GOP needs to win, and Bob Kraft betrayed by NFL
EBL: Separated at Birth: Bill Clinton and ...?

Instapundit: Poster Child of the Decline, is labor bailing on Hillary?, DNC-MSM symbosis, the abolition of America, Hillary and Obama throwing Planned Parenthood under the bus?, more Clinton crony payola, about that Planned Parenthood TRO, and the Rachel Dolezal of Islam

Wombat: Lions, Planned Parenthood Callousness and Death Language: Twitchy, American Thinker, Weasel Zippers, Protein Wisdom, and Conservatives4Palin

Liberty Chick Mandy Nagy Needs Our Help: A stroke victim being sued by Brett Kimberlin

Hogewash: Help Mandy Nagy!
Aaron Walker: What is happening in the Kimberlin saga
Camp of the Saints: Please help Mandy!
Instapundit: A call for lawyers!

Okay, if that $600 haircut today made Hillary look like this, it might have been worth it...

Hillary Clinton shut down Bergdorf Goodman's and got a haircut from John Barrett Salon (he typically charges $600 for a hair cut) but if it achieved this result it would totally be worth it...

The Other Other Hillary

Unfortunately Hillary Clinton's haircut did not go as hoped for...

Regular Right Guy: Andrea Mitchell Brings It To Hillary

The Blaze: It is punishment in the Secret Service to work Hillary Clinton's detail
Bill Clinton is managing to get by...

EBL: Hillary Hypocrisy, Hillary's new campaign song, and Separated at Birth: Bill Clinton and...?

Instapundit: Drip Drip (20 boxes of Hillary emails turned over), Thoughts on Trump, the Democrat Party is a criminal organization pretending to be a political party, and Bernie Sanders on immigration

Smitty: Troll of the Year so far is @Instapundit
Wombat: Gateway Pundit: Trump Leading with Hispanic Voters?  (maybe Hillary will keep the Trumpified look)

Mark Steyn: Pathway to Codswallop (Hillary is Trumpfied and so is Sanders)
Instapundit: Hypocrisy and Hedging? and Hillary pours salt in Planned Parenthood's wounds

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Actually Hillary got that $600 haircut to reach out to a certain voting block:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Planned Parenthood Responds To Its Terrible Mistake

Instapundit: Animal Lovers encourage murder as revenge and Cecil the Lion gets more coverage in a day than Planned Parenthood got in a week, and Don't #BlackLivesMatter?
Legal Insurrection: Simba-ism and William Jacobson makes the argument against moral equivalency (I understand his point, but there is a media disconnect about the Planned Parenthood story coverage by the major media that is undeniable)
Twitchy: TRO stops further PP undercover videos (for now)
Instapundit and Camp of the Saints: The Left tries to block the grim truth

Instapundit: Hypocrisy and Hedging? and Hillary pours salt in Planned Parenthood's wounds, Poster Child of the Declineis labor bailing on Hillary?DNC-MSM symbosisthe abolition of AmericaHillary and Obama throwing Planned Parenthood under the bus?more Clinton crony payola, and about that Planned Parenthood TRO

Wombat: Lions, Planned Parenthood Callousness and Death Language: Twitchy, American Thinker, Weasel Zippers, Protein Wisdom, and Conservatives4Palin

Lem's Levity/Trooper York: The Lion Sleeps Tonight, but in Baltimore, The Beat Goes On...

Instapundit: The internet is taking the place of God, what else happened while the internet melted down over a lionwhat's driving the outrage?, and lions and hunters are not the only predators out there

Separated at Birth: Jon Stewart and...?

Separated at Birth: A Tale of Two Contemptable Duckers

Separated at Birth: Ducker Jason Scott Falbo II and Secretary of State John Kerry

I am not against hunting.  What I am against is gratuitous sadistic violence and posers/grandstanders. 

Are conservatives and liberals living in two different moral universes?

Wow, Project Much Benny? 

And why not a Hanna Bleau Rule 5!

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Lem's Place: Dentist upset over his roll with Cecil The Lion's death
Hot Air: Interview with former Planned Parenthood Organ Harvester

EBL: Planned Parenthood responds to its terrible mistake

This early election cycle is about as much fun as a barrel full of...

Instapundit/Glenn Reynolds: Yep (actually they do say a lot of evil...)

Camp of the Saints: On Resisting Despots
AoSHQ/DrewM: Trumpmentum!

Roger Simon: Diary of a Mad Voter
JPod: Iran Deal Disaster
DaTechGuy: Will GOP do it to conservatives again? Yeah, probably they will.
Legal Insurrection: Will Schumer and Hillary save Democrats (and us) from Iran Nuke Deal? My prediction, without massive public outcry, no.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Song

Separated at Birth: Bill Clinton and...?

Hillary Hypocrisy

Smitty: A Village Is Visited By An Idiot

And it is a wee bit early to be despairing John. A certain candidate has problems of her own. At the state level it's not that bad. But after all of that if you are still feeling stressed: Have a Drink (better make it a double)!

If you want to know why certain candidates get traction, look at the behavior of some of the incumbents. Still, don't give up the fight. We only have one planet country to fight for.

EBL: Separated at Birth: Bill Clinton and...?

Instapundit/Ed Driscoll: Bill and Hillary Clinton's destruction of Monica Lewinsky, Hillary's upside down reforms, and what Carly would do
Rush Limbaugh: Hillary is so bad Obama's talking about running and Paglia nails it on Clinton
Hogewash: Carbon footprints are for little people

Frank Sinatra: The Nearness of You

Mark Steyn had this as his Sinatra Song of the Century # 33 back in May. Bob had the 1960 recording as one of his honorable mention selections this week. I got prompted to do this post after doing the More Sinatra Summer post and then refreshing my memory (Mark planted the seed in May).

Frank Sinatra first recorded this Hoagy Carmichael Ned Washington song with Axel Stordahl arranging it in 1947:

And then again in 1960 on the Nelson Riddle arranged Nice 'n' Easy album (which as Mark notes above did not make the cut, getting bumped by Bergman's title song, until years later when the CD came out): 

The differences between the two Sinatra Nearness recordings are subtle, Nelson (and perhaps with Frank's input too) slows it down even more, allowing an older, more mature Sinatra to emphasize the lyrics.  

As for its rebirth with rock musicians, Keith Richards does a good job playing Carmichael's music on his guitar (Keith's singing may be even worse than Shelly Fabares).

Off the topic of Hoagy Carmichael and Ned Washington's classic, but for a great film on the cross pollination between jazz, blues, and pop/rock via the influence of great LA studio musicians on sixties and seventies recordings, check out The Wrecking Crew (I saw it on AXS, but I suspect you can get it eventually on your Netflix queue too). And that film has a touch of Frank and quite a bit of Nancy.

Pundette: Gershwin's Foggy Day
Bob Belvedere: Honorable Mentions 6
Mark Steyn: Young at Heart and I've Got the World on a String
EBL: More Sinatra Summer, Things We Did Last Summer, and Sinatra at the Beach

Don’t forget to also keep checking out
Pundette’s Sinatra 100 countdown,
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It’s a swingin’ world.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Next Campaign Reboot

So why isn't Donald Trump going after Hillary Clinton?

"The ultimate reality is that every Republican in the primary has a common enemy, and it's Hillary Clinton." Carly Florina gets that, is fighting well, and should be getting more attention than she has been.

And this advice from The Other McCain is spot on too:
As James Carville says, if you see a turtle sitting atop a fence post, you know it didn’t crawl up there by itself and — in case nobody told you yet — Team Hillary is playing for keeps. Don’t be a chump. Know who you trust and trust who you know. Beware of dirty tricks.
If we can’t defeat Team Hillary, America is doomed and deservedly so.
Instapundit: Democrats: Party First
Legal Insurrection: Remembering Breitbart
Hot Air: Don't believe the #cuckservative lie
TOM: Cheap Rape Smear on Trump, what is it about Democrats teaching kids about anal sex?, there are real rapes going on (and being underreported), and a village gets a visit by an idiot

A Suggestion For Donald Trump

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dana Milbank is a flaming pants on fire liar

I am starting to think these radical feminists and social justice warriors are completely insane...

Where do you begin with this sort of ad hominem attack?  Did they mix up The Other McCain with Bill Cosby? Almost every point in this letter below is false or completely over the top. While The Other McCain has been pointing out the insanity of radical feminist scene for some time, I have never seen Robert Stacy McCain promote rape, suggest that rape is a good thing, or say anything other than actual rape should be criminally prosecuted in the courts. You can be anti rape and still point out feminism's rape culture insanity.  

Instapundit: Most of us denounce and want to see prosecutions of perpetrators of real rape culture
TOM: Notes on Survival Amid the Madness

More Sinatra Summer

After Sinatra at the Beach and Things We Did Last Summer, I am continuing the Sinatra summer theme with these songs by Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman and Michel Legrand.

Alan Bergman also contributed in writing Nice n' Easy, which was the title song of the 1960 album of ballads that Sinatra did with Nelson Riddle. Mark Steyn's Song of the Century post this week is I've Got the World on a String and focuses on Sinatra's Second Act with Riddle. While Frank Sinatra collaborated with much of the greatest musical talent available over his career, he owes a special thanks to Nelson Riddle and for Riddle appearing when he did.

While a little bit dated (the seventies were an odd decade), I like these two Bergman songs (and they do transition to fall and winter to come).

Pundette: Gershwin's Foggy DayMaking WhoppieThe Best Is Yet To Come (with the Count of Red Bank, NJ, who also does a fabulous April in Paris)

Bob Belvedere: Numbers 28 through 26 , When I Take Sugar To Tea, Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night of the Week (tie), Please Don't Talk About Me When I Am Gone, and Have You Met Miss Jones? and Honorable Mentions 5

Mark Steyn: I've Got the World on a String and Frank Sinatra's Second Act (As noted above and previously while Frank collaborated with much of the great talent of the industry, Frank owes a lot to Nelson Riddle), Why Try To Change Me Now?I Have DreamedWe'll Be Together Again and Mark looking for something "French Enough" for Bastile Day and (Ah, the Apple Tree) When the World Was Young (Steyn's Franco Sinatra Post)

So what's next for a 80s wrestler who is racist, professes to believe in God, and into starting in porn movies...

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 6.44.41 AM

But if he hates Gawker, can Hogan be all bad?

As I commented to Smitty, Tarantino's character does nuance his rant by caring about his marriage surviving (although he does not indicate if he cares enough to have free trade coffee)

Professional Wrestling has been dead to me since they cut Andre the Giant's hair: