Monday, June 1, 2015

Ebb Tide: Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle

Ebb Tide is a Carl Sigman and Robert Maxwell song and one of the tracks from Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle's Only The Lonely 1957 album. Today is Nelson Riddle's birthday and Only The Lonely was his favorite work with Sinatra (and it is one great song after another).


Nelson Riddle Music (family web site)

 Frank Sinatra, Mahalia Jackson, Leonard Bernstein and Nelson Riddle

Riddle and Garland

 Riddle with Sinatra and Martin

Linda Ronstadt and Nelson Riddle

Riddle had success with Linda Ronstadt before his passing

Pundette has How Deep Is The Ocean and Bob has some great Honorable Mentions and 43 through 41 (including a couple of Mercer songs)

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Instapundit: Ebb Tide in the Golden Country 

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