Friday, June 5, 2015

All The News That's Fit For $#*%: Hillary Henchman David Brock and the New York Times team up to do an opposition hit against Marco Rubio

Darleen and Smitty: Doesn't the Friday Fiction winner have to be the New York Times and David Brock?  

If the Times is found to have deliberately lied to cover up liberal bias -- this is going to be huge.
A much, much bigger story than Rubio's four traffic tickets.
AoSHQ and Hot Air report how Free Beacon caught the New York Times lying about how they got the made up Rubio story

Of course, Granny Hillary does not have tickets because Miss Hillary doesn't drive:

Of course Barack Obama said Democrats should be more like Ted Kennedy...


  1. Problem is, for all the effort, it's pretty weak gruel.

    PS Can you set the blog so a comment isn't lost if we have to login to use a profile or link a source?

    1. I have it on the most open comment level, other than requiring it not be anonymous. Let me look into it.


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