Monday, May 18, 2015

Ramadi Falls To ISIS

Instapundit: How about Hillary Clinton's war of choice in Libya? (how did that turn out) and Obama bragged that Iraq was a success in 2010 and then his administration let it all fall apart

And the Saudis are going to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan in response to Obama's success with the Iranians (what could go wrong)

Camp of the Saints: The Budding Flower of Savagery
Mark Steyn: Rock the City, Rock the Casbah and Nothing Another 42,000 Airstrikes Can't Fix
Instapundit: Hillary knew of Benghazi ten days before attack, Powerline: Obama mideast policy in a state of collapse, US policy let Ramadi fall, POTUS golfs while Ramadi falls (he doesn't fiddle), and Hillary lied to the families who's sons died at Benghazi
Wombat: ISIS claims full control of Ramadi

Twitchy: Obama White house makes joke about "lighting hair on fire" in response to ISIS taking over Ramadi (don't they know ISIS really does light people on fire)
TOM: Tracinski is half correct (why does the left kowtow to Islam)
SooperMexican: Soldiers tweet about the fall of Ramadi
Instapundit: Obama snatches Ramadi defeat from Bush victory and the annals of smart diplomacy
Lem's Place: Democrat Adam Schiff admits Ramadi's fall is a serious set back (too bad the White House doesn't agree)
Rush Limbaugh: ISIS is winning
Instapundit: William Saletan at Slate may have the most idiotic article on ISIS you have ever read and Ed DriscollWhy does the left kowtow to Islam?
Instapundit: What was it like to see Saigon fall?

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  1. Looks like they're using His Poutiness' advice about in their face, punch twice as hard against him


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