Monday, May 18, 2015

George Stephanopoulos Had One Disclosure Job and He Blew It: George Has Got To Go

ABC News' Tom Cibrowski, left, with Ben Sherwood and James Goldston:

AoSHQ: Former College Carole Simpson dumps on Stephanopoulos (he is not a real journalist)
Newbusters: 10 times George Stephanopoulos has sucked up to the Clintons
Instapundit: Nothing from Clinton's past matters, everything from Bush's past is of the highest significanceStephanopoulos was never a journalist in the first placewill "Sid Vicious" upend HillaryStepanopoulos was also involved in another Clinton Foundation offshootGeorge Stephanopoulos--Brian Williams and the media's shrinking reputation, and Clinton Cronies and Wall Street

Rush Limbaugh: Little Stephanopoulos: Too Big To Fail
Washington Free Beacon: George Stephanopoulos’ ABC Contract is Worth $105 Million
Mark Steyn: By George, I Think He's Got It

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  1. Getting blown is what the Ozark Mafia does best.


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