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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Outrage Business: Indiana Edition

I support same sex marriage, but I do not like bullies. Freedom means the freedom to opt out of certain things (such as making a cake or selling flowers), let the market decide things from there.  

This Indiana RFRA controversy is more about media fueled hypocritical outrage than anything else.

Rush Limbaugh: Mike Pence can't put out this fire (the point is they protesters want it to burn) and Coach K attacked for not saying anything
Instapundit: Can't be carving out exceptions for mouth breathing Christians… and when will Apple boycott homophobic places like Saudi Arabia?
TOM: Rick Santorum on Tolerance  and Reporter incites hate mob against Indiana pizzeria
Lem's Place
Truth Revolt
Instapundit: Journalistic Witchhunts, the misdirected zeal and Foucault-ness of same sex marriage proponents, and this is not Jim Crow

1 comment:

  1. These people have been frightening little guys for 40 years.

    Time for the little guys to get together and fight back.

    The big guys won't do it.


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