Monday, March 9, 2015

Media Editorial Bias Tweet of the Day: Guess who was at Selma this weekend that the New York Times actively excluded out of its coverage?

Instapundit: It's Potemkim Bios All The Way Down:
Obama's birth in 1961 inspired by Selma 1965 march?  and Clinton Parting w Pussy Riot

Instapundit: Roger Simon: NYT and Democrats are no friends of women or blacks...

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  1. Well, of course.

    This is Stalinism at its best - the people who oppressed Negroes for at least 125 years now claim they were the ones fighting for their rights and those Republicans who abolished slavery (at a high cost in blood and treasure) and voted the Civil Rights Act into being were the overseers and the Klansmen.

    Especially Presidents Wilson and FDR.


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