Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Don’t Underestimate the Risk of the Islamic State…

EBL Posts:
BBC ignores the risk of ISIS
It will be a challenge for Obama to blame this on Bush
ISIS vows to burn alive Kurdish Peshmerga captives in Iraq

Instapundit: ISIS is a genocidal movement akin to Nazism
ISIS burns 45 people alive in Iraq (just in time for Ash Wednesday)
Instapundit: Most people disapprove of Obama's handling of ISIS
Italy fears Islamic State invasion (as it should)
AoSHQ: Marie Harf still an idiot, Al Jazeera brazenly lying to cover for the Islamic State, and time for Democrats to wake up and recognize the threat of the Islamic State
Detroit Muslim man stabs two other men for not being Muslims
Obama letting ISIS terrorists into USA with Syrian refugees?
AoSHQ: Obama's State Department's Giggly Gals Embolden ISIS
The Anchoress calls for reflection, prayer and forgiveness…
Instapundit: How to survive as a religious minority in a Muslim country
ISIS targets its videos to its audiences, and has beheaded a lot of Muslims we don't hear about…
ISIS probing Kurds for knock out blow
ISIS war on women in Syria
TOM: The peaceful nature of Islam
RRG: Obama: Islam been berry berry good to me


  1. Springtime for Mohammed, midnight for Denmark (Sweden, Britain, Netherlands, Norway) and France.

  2. It's not just ISIS. They're just the ones showboating for attention right now. There are plenty of other Islamic death cults, including, obviously, AQ, which are just as awful.

    1. Actually Islamic State aka ISIS is worse than Al Qaeda (and that is saying a lot). Al Qaeda may be a longer term threat (and I agree it is an Islamic death cult too), but Islamic State is actively trying to bring the end of the world to a head right now. If they had a nuclear weapon, they would not hesitate to use it.

      But by defeating IS we can actually destroy IS (that is not necessarily true for Muslim Brotherhood or al Qaeda).

  3. I read half of it, but through half, I didn't find anything I didn't learn in the days after 9-11. After 9-11, the government started to crackdown on Islamic recruitment websites in the US. Prior to then, the US consider them not a threat, and just let them be. One of these websites was hosted in a small town just south of Houston, so I decided to pull up the site and see what they had to say.

    The discussion about the Caliphate, why it needed to be reinstated and how to go about it was all there. The people posting this stuff were not in Iraq, and they were not tied directly to Al Qaeda or the attacks. They were just Muslims posting their beliefs at the time, and they lived 30 minutes from downtown Houston.

    As Wood noted, many the people he found were living in places around the world other than the Middle East, and they believe this stuff and preach it to others. Recruitment is happening around the world, and not just in the last year, but for a very long time. Not just social media chatter in 2011, but in web media back during the dot com days. The organizational name may have changed, and the leaders changed, but the sentiment and those desiring to see the Caliphate become reality have not changed. Prior to pissing off the Jordanians, the only thing slowing down the Islamic State are (as Wood notes) the internal disagreements on the methods of governing. If those disagreements are ever worked out, and the various interest stop internal squabbles, the subsequent attacks will be astonishing. Hoping those disagreements are never resolved is not a plan.


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