Friday, January 23, 2015

Tom Brady auditions as a writer for SNL

In any other sport, getting caught messing with equipment would result in an ejecting or disqualification of a player on the spot. While it did not change the outcome of the championship game, the Pats have undoubtedly been doing this sort of thing for a while. The NFL is not going to anything about this prior to the Super Bowl (because they don't want to mess up its premier event), but the idea that a guy so obsessed about his balls did not know what Belichick's son (who happens to be the equipment manager ) did to those balls is ludicrous.

Nice touch on the background.  

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  1. getting caught messing with equipment

    I don't think anyone's got "smoking gun" evidence, but if it's true that the Colts' balls violated the laws of physics then there's certainly a basis for your suspicion.


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