Monday, June 30, 2014

Kidnapped Israeli Teens found Dead: RIP; Prime Minister promises Hamas will pay for this...

Ramadan Kareem: ISIS mocks Obama in video: All the borders will be broken, Inshallah Humduallah!

Gateway Pundit: Keep giving and we will keep taking!

Wombat : ISIS declares Caliphate State

In response to Chip S. comment:

Supreme Court Decision Day

Kevin McCarthy: No Legalization without Border Security

Plus the reality is when it comes to illegal immigration as much as 60% of them come not from crossing the Mexico border, but from over staying visas to the USA.  Any solution that does not address tracking tourist and work visa overstay is no solution.  President Obama meanwhile is threatening to act unilaterally on immigration, via executive order.  

TOM: Joe Biden calls on Democrats to chip in to deal with Republicans

Boehner says the same thing McCarthy said (you could barely see his lips move when McCarthy said it)

Demi Lovato Rule 5

TOM had this post about Ms. Lovato.  Which prompted this: yes Joe Jonas will turn your daughter into a Lesbian!  Which prompts this Rule 5:

Given it is Pride Month, TOM had Tranarchy, Facebook Asylum, Lesbian wife murder, along with the Demi Lovato post noted above.

Smitty gives a Poultry Rule 5

TOM: More gender theory madness
TOM: #HobbyLobby Hysteria (of course, Lesbians don't need birth control…)
TOM: Women's Studies, IYKWIMAITYD
Smitty: Words Can Hurt You (a metaphor for feminists running into reality…)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nancy Pelosi says illegal alien children flooding the border are an "opportunity."

Will Vladimir Putin save Iraq's (and other Middle Eastern) Christians?

Six months in with Bill de Blasio: How is he doing?

Nanny Nightmare: This is a lesson in the importance of good background checks…

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is the ISIS in Iraq and Syria dysfunctional? Sure, so is cancer…

Ronald Reagan predicted that communism would fall on its own (eventually).  And sure enough, it did.  Reagan did not appease communists, he worked to contain it and keep pressure on it until it did fall.

Radical Islam as it is practiced by the ISIS is not global communism, in terms of threat.  The ISIS ideology is so violent (in its present form) that is unlikely to spread much beyond where is it is currently immediately located (Iraq and Syria, and possibly Jordan).  That said, ISIS is more than enough to worry about.  Cancer is dysfunctional too, but the chaos it causes can still kill a patient depending on how fast it spreads and what organs it damages.  The amount of damage the ISIS can do is enormous.  

And like a disease, nothing says this can't mutate into a less immediately psychotic, but still extremely anti western form of ideology.  Communism managed to last decades and cost millions of lives. The ISIS is not going to be the Soviet Union, but with a bit of staying power and say a dirty bomb or chemical weapons it could cause massive destruction and set off a wider war.

Bill Clinton should shut up on causes (perhaps he can remember he let Osama bin Laden go).  Barack Obama also created a great environment for ISIS to gain strength in what he did in Syria just a few months ago.  That combined with Obama's foolish decision to pull out completely of Iraq is what let to the current crisis.

TOM: The battle for Iraq
ISIS reaches out to Christians in Syria
Wombat : ISIS declare Caliphate in Iraq and Syria

Side Boob Rule 5

Chip S. has just been an inspiration all week for Rule 5.  Here is another!


Smitty: A poultry attempt at Rule 5 (is Smitty a breast or leg man?)

What could go wrong?

Secret to Danish Success?

There is a bit of agenda in this list of reasons Danish women are happy. This is the selling point Barack Obama and some Democrats would like to make to you (but Danes are also very tight in letting immigrants in given those expansive entitlement programs).  Go figure.

Denmark on its face appears to be a socialism success story (at least that is what many in the media would have you believe).  But (and there is always a but), it is not all paradise in Scandinavia. It is not socialism (at least per se) that makes Denmark work as it does, it is trust.

And never let a Rule 5 opportunity go to waste:

Barack Obama loves selfless with Danish women!


Hillary Clinton sure seems hung up on claims she and Bill were poor after they left the White House

Instapundit: "Well, after she had to make that dress out of drapes, Hillary swore she’d never be poor again. And if Hillary doesn’t actually plan to run, then dangling the possibility of her candidacy still helps her rake in more money now."


I denounce myself in advance for this one

“Some of Hillary’s arguments with the president actually turned physical. Once, according to a source close to Valerie Jarrett, Hillary jabbed Obama’s chest with her finger to make a point. When Obama reported the finger-jabbing incident to Michelle, he said that he couldn’t believe Hillary had done that to the president of the United States. He was more amazed than angry about the impulsive attack.”
Lem's Place: The 15 most annoying expressions in politics… 
Hot Air: Are the Clintons the top 1% of the top 1%? 

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi y el Partido Demócrata de los Estados Unidos de América que quieren nuestros Centroamericanos amigos sepan:

Smitty: Pelosi

It's an opportunity!

Barack Obama: wants to unleash his caged bear…

“Our agenda is still a little loose. I might pop in for some ice cream or visit a small business. I don’t know, I might just make it up as I go along. With Secret Service, I always tease them, I’m like a caged bear and sometimes I break loose. And I’m feeling super loose today, so you don’t know what I might do.”

Protein Wisdom has the IRS Scandal Timeline (deal with that caged bear)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Separated at Birth: Huma Abedin and…?

Huma Abedin and…
Alysia Reiner

Chip S. made this request.  At first I thought sure, but it was hard to find a good match.  But they do have similar mouths:

EBL: Hillary's Secret Deal with Huma and Weiner?  (Aridog has some great comments)

TOM: You magnificent Lesbians--I read your books!
TOM: Gender neutral bathrooms at the Socialist Convention!

Governor Scott Walker Vindicated

The attorney for the special prosecutor leading an investigation into alleged campaign law violations says Gov. Scott Walker was not a target of the probe and has not been subpoenaed.
EBL: Governor Walker Enemies Attempt To Smear Him (Again)  Some Democrats and Leftists in Wisconsin have been absolutely shameless in how they have lied about Scott Walker.  

Karl Rove on the Tea Party

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hillary Clinton's secret deal with Huma and Weiner?

It is not like there is reason to worry about Anthony Weiner on twitter is there:
Weiner caused a stir earlier this month when he favorited a tweet that said, “Tinder will now be the ultimate sext machine.” He later tweeted it was an accident: “OK, to recap my day. I accidentally hit the star thingy on a @voxdotcom story about Tinder. Sorry.”
More from AoSHQ 

Eli Wallach RIP

Barack Obama wants to change the topic: How about that USA world cup game with Germany? Updated with Triumph the Insult Dog

Naw, this was not staged...
I was glad to hear Team USA advances, despite the close loss to Germany, even if soccer is the red headed step child of professional sports.

And after a while you can't even distract people with Emmanuel Goldstein...

How about some Triump the Insult Comic Dog and World Cup:

Unanimous Supreme Court declares President Obama's recess appointments illegal

Look on the bright side: It does represent an excellent metaphor for what is wrong with the EPA

About this House lawsuit against the Obama Administration…

Divine Right of Democrats

George Will lays out the reasons why a lawsuit by the House of Representatives against the White House may work. Neal Cavuto is wrong about opposing this, although I agree its ultimate success in the courts is a debatable point. I do not know if there is a legal option beyond impeachment for challenging a President on executive orders, but I remember a failed Supreme Court order against another Democrat that historically is brought up a lot…

To bring this mater to a head, I see no harm in the House pursing this option and frankly a lot of potential upside.