Sunday, August 17, 2014

Democrat Governor Jay Nixon blames the Ferguson police for releasing the Michael Brown robbery tape, wants to see a prosecution of the officer who shot Brown

Governor Nixon is joining the Brown family in condemning the Ferguson police for releasing the video of Michael Brown robbing a convenience store minutes before he was shot.

The owners of the Ferguson market say they did not want to call 911 (that is reportedly one of the owners who gets pushed by Michael Brown), did not willingly give the video to the police (they had to under warrant) and want to continue to serve the Ferguson community.  That dream is likely over, the rioters targeted the store.

Meanwhile Jay Nixon wants to run for President one day and is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2016.  They hope Jay Nixon can draw white rural voters to the Democrats.  Governor Nixon described Michael Brown as a young man shot down in his own neighborhood.  Update: Brown was not from Ferguson, he was spending the summer with his grandmother.

The Brown family is outraged that the police release the video that shows their son acting like a thug and not a "gentle giant" as the portrayed him.  Officer Wilson has gone into hiding out of fear for himself and his family.

I definitely do not know what happened between Brown and Wilson, but if Wilson's version of events is even remotely true it does not seem you can call it murder or an unjustified shooting.  The police say that the initial contact between Brown and Wilson, he was not aware Brown was a suspect in the robbery (but they did find the stolen merchandise).  The police chief said he released the tape for a FOIA request. If the officer objectively thought his life was threatened he is entitled to use deadly force. Brown's family and supporters claim he had his hands up and Wilson shot him, which if true would be murder. Obviously there should be a full investigation (and prosecution if warranted), but the political climate right now is not particularly good in Missouri. The New Black Panthers are calling for Wilson's death.

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  1. I'm sure Nixon didn't want the video released.

    It kills the St Trayvon narrative and makes him look like a wuss and a putz.


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