Friday, July 11, 2014

We can't forget about the final game to decide third place in the World Cup: Netherlands Rule 5 Update: Netherlands wins 3rd Place, Brazil loses again.

Brazil got it hope for final victory crushed by Germany, but it is still in the race for third place.  Brazil is  playing the Netherlands in the run up to the final between Germany and Argentina.  And as you know, never let a Rule 5 opportunity pass by…

Update: at 17', Netherlands 2, Brazil 0

TOM: Exhausting Blitzkrieg Metaphors


  1. Germany playing Argentina in Brazil?

    Party like it's July 1945.

  2. That chick on the right in the last picture? Um, not getting it done for me. I mean, she's no Veronica Doll.

    1. Thanks for confirming that! Are you saying there are not enough Heinekens in the world to get you there?

    2. There's not enough bourbon to get me there. Or tequila.

      Okay, maybe tequila. Weird shit happens when I drink tequila.

    3. What happens at World Cup, stays at World Cup.

      Look on the bright side, the black out (at least if you ended up with the last Dutch "girl") would be a blessing.

    4. It's important to always remember the upside to alcoholic stupors.


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