Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why did Eric Cantor lose?

I could think of a couple of reasons...
But Ace and TOM are spot on with noting it was not antisemitism. So that BS excuse can be summarily dismissed. And it sure wasn't the national Tea Party groups getting involved. Ultimately it came down to Brat getting more votes than Cantor.

The Lesson To Be Learned: Don't take your constituents for granted!

Professor Jacobson is right, Cantor went off in a different direction (and did not bring his constituents with him).
Talk radio and conservative media helped Brat
Mickey Kaus helped a lot too…


  1. Cantor was Jewish? First I heard of it and I used to be in his district.

    1. This is how the left (or GOP Establishment) would spin that comment: "See, you didn't care enough to find out! You must be antisemetic!"

  2. Always at the top of the list.


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