Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hillary Clinton says Benghazi is more of a reason for her to run for President, blames responsibility for Benghazi attack on "security professionals"

Dempsy surprised Hillary Clinton was not aware of the August cable.  Hillary says she was not making "security decisions." Hillary Clinton says Benghazi is more of a reason to run (start at 7:22) and Congress is on a diversion looking into Benghazi. So take that Trey Gowdy, Hillary has more important things to do. Watch the whole thing.  


  1. Right. She HAS to run because the whole world needs her. No one else can do it. What incredible hubris.

    1. That statement will come back to haunt her.

    2. Like the Ghost of Ambassador Stevens.

  2. Yes, because she needs to screw things up from the top.

    It's her right as a womyn.


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